Andy Janovich on three-year extension: ‘It’s a dream come true’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Shawncrazyshawn2 Reply

Go Huskers Go Broncos

Bryce Cyr Reply

Jano is the Broncos

JJruins Uprising Reply

Much love jano

whitecholocatemilk Reply

Getting his jersey now that he’s resigned!

Steve P Reply

3o3 love the name old Blu c’up

Fernando Herrera Martínez Reply

Jan The Man

Cottonmouth78 Reply


Michelle McCowan Reply

With some of these comments apparently you all have never seen him play STs or throw some awesome blocks. He catches the ball well out of the backfield.

Mason Hall Reply

So happy for Jano!

toby vigil Reply

Janos first game bcak and we get a 191 rushing yards hes definitly a big part of our scheme


Jano represents a lot of what is right with the organization. Keep grinding my dude. Blow them holes wide open baby!

Dana Ohlson Reply

Linebackers league wide are rethinking their job choices.

The Ihde Brothers Reply

I wish I could go to a Broncos game

Hunter Livie Reply

Best fullback in the game!

Garett Ridgway Reply


Christopher Do44 Reply

ANDY !!! Pay the man.

Eric Crilley Reply


Ed McCaffrey Reply

Love Jano, team player and a beast inside, like having another offensive lineman.

Brenton Burbank Reply

Glad he is staying put we need his great blocks

Unz360 Reply


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