Christos Belibasakis

That was majestic 🦄


I never thought I would hear “dalton” and “majestic” in the same sentence

    quan Brooklyn kid

    @The Memer W

    Brandon Thornton

    Dalton is underrated

    Josh Hobson

    Dalton is underrated period. He’s been to the probowl 3 times and have taken the Bengals to the playoffs 5. Marvin Lewis is what was holding the team back

    Zack The Exception

    The Memer agreed

    Zack The Exception

    Josh Hobson true

Ali Khowaja

Andy Dalton MVP?

Orbitz _

MAJESTIC??? Are we 4 talking about unicorns ?


    Andy dalton scoring a touchdown is basically the same as seeing a unicorn

    Josh Hobson

    @Brady4mvp you clearly don’t know anything about football

    nobody here

    Josh Hobson you clearly don’t know what a joke is

Keenan Stanley

Who Dey!…Bengals will shock the world this season

    ballz deep24

    Easy killer

    Zack The Exception

    Andres Uribe tbh honest I’d be happy with that, that means we made it to the playoffs

    SideTrack Beatz

    Zack The Exception just don’t be happy with that .. I know what u mean but that’s basically just settling for less … SUPER BOWL OR at least AFC championship

    Halftime Great

    Bengals like he said will shock the world n Most definitely will f*** the haters who dey

    King David

    Keenan Stanley yea by going 0 and 16

Billy Klemme

john ross changing to 11 bothers me


    Eh he’s playing better so 11>15

    Zane McGill


Jerry Junior

Hawks defense not like what it once was, ball could’ve been intercepted…

    A Fucking Bird

    Agreed we have to do better

13 Rounds Of Boxing

That DB completely misjudged the ball he should have kept going

DollaSignz Jay

If that’s earl thomas that’s a pick! 😂😂 dummies for not paying him

MidWest Ent.

earl thomas replacement 😂

Deisel 1 Time

Meanwhile earl thomas in baltimore getting interceptions


If only the Seahawks had a all pro safety who wouldn’t make that mistake 😂😂😂

    Magnou Gueye



I knew this game was going to be hard, Bengals eating us up, I hope we pick it up

Drew Goddamn Brees

At this Point Andy Dalton playing for a contract


Why must Seattle do this every time ? 😭

mopar rocks

My God I just jumped into this game thinking this was gonna blowout game but I give credit where credit is due good job dalton

Kentucky Wildcats

The 35 people who disliked this are Seahawks fans

360 Cam

I want John Ross to have a big year that bust label everyone throwing around Is Ridiculous

Michael W.

The Red Rifle is trying to do something this year finally!!!

Painmaker Chris Jericho

You Know Whats Really Majestic The Fact That The Bengles Are Still A Team

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