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Who dey baby. It was a loss but way better than what i thought we would do.

The Slayer


Chicken Spongebob

It’s such a bengals thing to have your best career game on a loss



    pb 41


    jacob bell

    pb 41 probably cause of the 3 redzone trips that didn’t convert to points. but that rain came down on the bengals and the bengals only

Deshaun Ellis

Yet they still lost


John Ross saved his career lol

    Gekyume Onfroy

    Xaybo please shut up

    Larriors blew a 3-1 lead #CriedToKD

    shut yo bitchass up


WHO DEY This game gets me optimistic


Why is the Nati D lookin great 👀

    Tim Himes

    WolfToonsYT NewDay

The Nigel Douglas

Did he win tho?

Tristan Wright

Ah yes a glimmer of hope which will be torn from my heart in a couple weeks. Those are the bengals i know and love

    jacob bell

    xKvvy yeah you guys are gonna be a tough team. wonder with our defense will perform as well

    Go Bucks

    @xKvvy bet we do.

    Zack The Exception

    xKvvy um we’ll easily beat em

    Zack The Exception

    jacob bell you’re joking right?

Dalton v

And lost


Im just sayin… Earl Thomas would have intercepted that pass…

    Raja V

    I’m just saying, he left

    jacob bell

    it was a sort of hail mary attempt at the end of the first half. it worked out though


Bengals in a nutshell
There QB has a career day and they didn’t even win😂😂😂😂😂

    Gekyume Onfroy

    They didn’t have mixon or Aj green

    Larriors blew a 3-1 lead #CriedToKD

    no mixon aj or offensive line

    jacob bell

    Larriors blew a 3-1 lead #CriedToKD they had mixon for a little bit but sea kept to the base defense that is difficult to make a run against with the run blocking we had

Foureyez tv

The Zac Taylor offense flashed, but they’re gonna need a offensive line


    They drafted Jonah Williams for a reason. Hopefully he can come back healthy

Retard 69

Andy dalton is so overhated

    Leonard Euler

    I haven’t found a person who actually thought he was good lol

    jacob bell

    Leonard Euler he meant over hated. which dalton is hated for undue reasons. the poor personnel management is the real problem


Andy Dalton is underrated

    Rio Mio

    Lance1445 he’s avg

John Young Ph.D.

Dalton is an incredible QB with competent coaches…and it showed Sunday.

    Zack The Exception

    John Young Ph.D. Yeah it’s hard to do anything when your coach is Marvin Lewis 🤣🤣🤣

PCGaming Universe

This excites me a bit. I’m not gonna get too hype because last year we started off 4-0. But listen Andy Dalton did this without aj or joe mixon. Imagine what he is going to do with both of them on the field. The o line looked great and this offense got revamped maybe we tank this year take a good linebacker in the draft and maybe contend next year 🤷🏼‍♀️

    Kyle Smith

    They didn’t start 4-0 last year. 2-0, 2-1, 4-1

    jacob bell

    Kyle Smith i was gonna say the same. but they definitely out performed last year. hard to win with a bad defense and a line that’s been in rebuild mode since 2016

Izaan Masud

Dalton is the most underrated qb of the 2010s

    jacob bell

    Bryan T he hasn’t had a fair chance yet. the bengals shouldn’t have made all those playoffs with the injuries and rookie qb working on kinks. if he could have that squad now, he’d crush it like in 2015

    Jr Varela

    Parker Coleman he’s a choker tho

    Bryan T

    jacob bell I hope man i hope

    jacob bell

    Bryan T me too. it isn’t like he was a huge dbag, nor did he not meet expectations because people probably didn’t expect much from the get go

    Zack The Exception

    Jr Varela not true

Halftime Great

He did it without AJ Green who dey

Geoff Thompson

That’s the way Andy Dalton was passing the first half of last season.

    Dare Bear

    No he wasn’t shut up

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