Andy Dalton talks Health, Arizona Cardinals Defense | New Orleans Saints – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Andy Dalton talks Health, Arizona Cardinals Defense | New Orleans Saints

quarterback 's post-practice interview on Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2022 ahead of the Saints' Week 7 game against the Arizona Cardinals on Thursday Night Football during the 2022 season.
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Forever Absolute

If Taysom Hill doesn’t have half of the snaps we are FUCKED Thursday night

    dbsti 300

    @The Last Saint Right, and to win you can’t be predictable. Using Hill too much gets predictable. Notice in last game the Bengals stopped Hill cold. They watch footage.


    @dbsti 300 5 Rush Attempts for 39 yards. Almost 8 yards per carry

    dbsti 300

    The Saints (I’ll die a Saints fan) will come close to beating them. They just aren’t structured properly right now. Something isn’t right with this team. Forget the injuries. Last year they had 1/8 the offensive talent and they went 9-8 with a practice squad. Different coach, different times.

    dbsti 300

    @Cory They also stopped Hill cold turkey from his runs last game. Mind you I’m not taking away from Taysom. He’s a beast. I get that. I’ll say again that the Saints need other talents to keep opponents on their toes aside from using only Hill.

    Latasha Edwards

    Defense can’t Tackle


One I believe in red rocket πŸš€

    The Last Saint

    You can belive in him just not these receivers


    @The Last Saint I see no lies toldπŸ˜‚

    Jay Els

    @The Last Saint but jameis won games with them last year

The Last Saint

So Andy Dalton is being interviewed but Dennis Allen won’t confirm he’s starting tonight. Bruh ehat the hell is this coaching staff? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Raiders fans were right βœ…οΈ


    Teams technically don’t have to announce their inactive until 90 minutes before kick off. So in this case where the starting QB isn’t obvious they use that to their advantage so the Cards have to prep for both possibilities. But IMO Andy will probably start this game.

    Ryan B



** Start Taysom Hill…..


    Easy win streak with #7, this is somewhat an unserious franchise


It doesn’t matter when you got no receivers. Michael Thomas has been a disappointment to fans. The NFL needs to do better with contracts. Need to be less guarantees and more incentive based.

Bruce Lee

My expectations are low for this game , mentally preparing myself.

    Erick Hernandez

    Same I just want us to land arch manny at this point lol πŸ˜‚

    Tyler Choate

    I don’t know if it’s the coaching staff, but the offense needs to get on the same page and where is the fricken defense!!! I thought they were supposed to be our backbone.

    Enrique Vigil

    @Erick Hernandez What are you even saying? His not even in college yet.

    Erick Hernandez

    @Enrique Vigil I know that I’m saying I don’t want us to waste no more money in sorry qbs only four qbs are elite in the nfl now and they all in the afc so why waste time to rebuild


Hopefully we’ll see MUCH more of Rashid Shaeed! What a dynamo!!

Tyler Choate

Offense needs to make touchdowns not field goals. I agree that we need to hand T Hill the ball morE

Music Soothes the Soul

Prayers for everyone who’s healing up on the team, and everyone workin double duty while they can!

Guy Lindquist

Start Taysom now!


    Easy win streak with #7, this is somewhat an unserious franchise

Randy Savage

Carmicheal needs to let Andy pass all game, air it out

Latasha Edwards

Our back end of the defense needs to step up

Larry bird

Please start Dalton I can’t trust Winston I don’t know how ppl can

bradley weliver

Need to mix it up more with Dalton & Taysom. JW needs to take it easy and get healthy. MT is looking to be done. The defense needs to step it up a heck of a lot more than what they have been. Last 3 games Saints should have had and did. If they shut down their opponents. They have the personnel to do it. This could be a good turnaround game, or end of the season???
We shall see🏈🏈🏈

Timothy Crowley

$100 bucks say we get blowed out tonight by a worse team than us!!!

    Eugene Rollins

    Yall not getting blown out. Saints 17 v cards 20


Jaboo still WINS

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