Andrews, Dorsett & Burkhead react to Josh Gordon’s return | Press Pass – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Gary Silk Reply


    mark haythornthwaite Reply

    oh so close.

thenerf boyr Reply


Jay 1600 Reply

Happy to have Josh back New England loves you

Cartz 41 Reply

Go pats

Paul Fearon Reply

Josh breaks so many people’s hearts. Usually substance abuse makes team mates mad or indifferent. Browns and the patriots really want the best for him.

    Sammy333 Reply

    He can still have HOF career. He is that good.

    Paul Fearon Reply

    Sammy333 I totally agree. I love watching him play. Being that I am a pats fan. Ofc I want him to do well. But I would cheer for him anywhere.

Sassy L Reply

We’re routing for you!!! #PATSNATION

Jason-doc- Holiday Reply

Let’s go Josh we definitely need u

John Nelson Reply

Josh is back yes

Jus Josh Reply

You got this man! Keep busy and focus 💪🏼

Dev Patel Reply

Cmon Josh!! Let’s go Pats ❤️💙 u got this man!

MordyTheCuber Reply

Let’s go josh!! #newrandymoss!!!

tree trunks Reply


Turrell Ford Reply

Josh going to have a good come back this year i feel

Fred Farkash Reply

Flash is a difference make on the field there’s a reason BB,Tb12,Elderman al love this guy.Kraft paid for his rehab.Brady has him over to his home for dinner and hangs out with his wife and kids knowing he has a drug problem.The point is they seem to really like Josh and wont the best for him.Josh is a freak leve talent and the know it

Charly Gr. v.L. Reply

BEST WISHES and ALL THE BEST, Josh – now, it is your time!!!!👍👍

Marci M Reply

So so happy to see Josh coming back. He’s worked so hard on getting rid of his demons. 100% support him on utilizing the awesome talent he has in this great sport. He needs our total support❗️👍🏻 You got this #JoshGordon and we’re thankful you’re well and back on the team ❗️ #NewEnglandPatriots #justkeepswimming 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 #RobertKraft

BIGcurly Reply

As much talent as he has, he had many chances but he keeps abusing it. He needs to show himself to deserve the spot on the rooster. Because players like meyers, berrios, Dorset, Thomas, harry, etc deserve the spot on the roster more than he does.

Noah Burden Reply

Josh is going to get comeback player of the year

Noah Burden Reply


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