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Nando Supes Reply

Luck has always been more than class personafied, all the money in the world can’t buy personal health, football is not everything. I wish Andrew the best.

    Trojan Torrez Reply

    quit using Steven A’s words

    mattyb567567 Reply

    Trojan Torrez Steven A Smith didn’t invent “class personified” 😂😂😂

Mark Marin Reply

All I am saying is that the Texans should take this to heart and get an O line to protect Watson, because if they don’t an early retirement is an extremely real possibility

    A F Reply

    A team that wont protect their QB is a team that will never be successful. If Tom Brady was getting rushed at non stop like Luck was he’d be retired too. Hope your Texans fix that issue. That team has too much talent.

    A F Reply

    @Mark Marin Luck is far better than Watson and will always be. Watson is pretty good but he’s not Luck. Luck is one of the smartest QB’s there is … Or I should say… he was!.

    Mark Marin Reply

    @A F I agree that he was better, but Watson does have a chance to surpass him. Only time will tell

    John Doe Reply

    Mark Marin agree!

Techno Joe Reply

Can you imagine how hard this is? This dude deserves more respect than what is being shown.

Jonathan King Reply

Yo Colts fans…direct your boos at the organization that let this man get buried behind a terrible line year after year, the same organization that dropped Peyton Manning like a bad habbit after he got hurt…tf yall aiming boos at Luck for?

    King Pickle Reply

    Prestige Worldwide just because it’s the best Oline he’s had doesn’t mean a damn thing. He’s suffered injuries that have a lasting impact on him. He’s even injured now. Booing someone because they’re injured is BS.

    And TheLazzers Reply

    Colts fans are classless!

michael lewis Reply

I’m still in shock. Happy for the dude. Life is more than football. Good luck Andrew. I’m rooting for you. Class act all the way.

    swEET noTHINGS irobot Reply

    michael lewis it’s Andrew luck not luck Andrew

High Ueheh Reply

I’m not even a Colts fan, but this got me emotional. Ride off into the sunset Luck!

chronikoflife Reply

Colts couldn’t protect him, bad O-Line for years. Sad to see him go

    morbidgenesis Reply

    chronikoflife its sad that Grigson couldn’t see what the entire world could see about our offensive line and it took him being fired before they finally started to protect this man

    Mr Man Reply

    Loser owner

    10ShutdownCb Reply


D Yates Reply

This guy is not only incredibly talented, but has always been a total class act. Sad to see him go, but I don’t blame him. Good luck man.

windy city55 Reply

Damn!!! What the help happened? He is a GREAT QB. Even as a BEARS fan I loved watching Andrew play. The entire NFL is losing a AWESOME player.

    Philip Tucker Reply

    Vman not just the Texans but the panthers, redskins, and broncos as well. Look what happened to Alex Smith. God knows what’s going to happen to him. Look at Newton and how often he’s getting injured and needing surgery/rehab. Those coaches need to be fired asap

    Fizzgig Reply

    If he was a great QB, he wouldn’t be quitting.

    Jungle Jack Reply

    Rob Gronkowski retired this year at the same age do that must mean he was terrible.

    windy city55 Reply

    @Fizzgig said the guy with zero athletic abilities. Lol

    aaagggmmmsss Reply

    as a Cubs fan, i agree

Antony Colombo Reply

Blame Ryan Grigson
Worst Gm with a franchise Quarterback.
Your Job was to protect the man

    Silentkobra Reply

    @Santino Tupou He hasn’t play preseason at all.

    Luis Alejandro Reply

    Instead he drafted Dorsett

    Luis Alejandro Reply

    @100cv cv so last year throwing 39 TDS was average right?? Or 2014 when he had 45 total TDS that was average than too right??

    Fizzgig Reply

    Yeah, it’s everyone else’s fault except the mediocre QB.

    David Navarro Reply

    Jim Irsay’s fault, left Manning to rot in free agency after his neck injury, and never getting Luck the offensive line he deserves. Now we wait to see what he does to Jacoby Brissett

Desman Robinson Reply

Dang I hope deshaun Watson don’t go through this in 5 years. Because he is getting beat up just like luck was early in his career

    Jeffrey Vences Reply

    @Brian People forget he has been the most sacked QB and almost didn’t have a football career any longer after his accident.

    cmoneyno5 Reply

    Roethlisberger gets sacked because he holds on to the ball too long… Luck gets sacked because the OL is trash

    Marquis De Sade Reply

    Me too. I get flashbacks of David Carr. I watched a little of the Bucs vs.Browns preseason game and Winston was sacked 5 times in the first half, four of those coming in the first quarter. It wasn’t even a case of holding onto the ball too long. The O-line just collapsed within a second. Mayfield was only sacked once, but he spent most of his time running for his life. It just made me realize how easily these guys can end up carted off the field.

    Jeffrey Vences Reply

    @cmoneyno5 You’re talking about now. I’m talking about the first half of Ben’s career. His O-line was mediocre. He would get sacked by 2-3 linemen at a time because he was tougher to bring down.

Owen Pustell Reply

Great player with great character, football will miss Andrew Luck. -Pats fan

a couple of three Reply

Doing it on his terms! His way! There are quite a few teams in the NFL that should take notice. BUILD YOUR OFFENSIVE LINE!

    Vent Williams Reply

    a couple of three 🤙🤙

    thedarkemissary Reply

    Nah. Get more WRs. Get $17 million RBs.

    Lucas Olszewski Reply

    Here in Pittsburgh we good

Fabrizio Reply

Ryan Grigson didn’t think building a O-line to protect his franchise QB was important. This is 1000% his fault

    Broken King Reply

    @Armaan Sohi and guess what? Hes still injured. Too little too late

    Half Elite Reply

    Fabrizio how dare you say something that good about Ryan Grigson. 1000% is very much an understatement, he was TERRIBLE.


    Armaan Sohi he’s not the GM anymore. He didn’t build that OL

    Jay Bartgis Reply

    The Colts line is rated 2nd in the NFL

X VSJ Reply

Andrew will be missed, Best of luck on future endeavors ☝️🚒🚒🚒🚒🚒❤️

Vegas raiders Reply

Would have been funny if he would have said and to my offensive line thanks, thanks for nothing

    Mike Aquino Reply

    dlast jedi Yeah but that’s only last year.

    Mukoro Oweh, Jr. Reply


    Brian Hunt Reply


    desmund lighten Reply


Nekaneka15 Reply

Does anyone remember how Andy Reid started off drafting only Linemen when he came to KC?

    Josh Navarro Reply

    Is that true? That’s smart af

    cmoneyno5 Reply

    The Cowboys did the same

    Nathan Goucher Reply

    Nekaneka15 Yeah cuz they knew that when they got that guy (that guy being mahomes obviously) that he would need to be protected, colts front office never thought of that.

Dallas Glenn Reply

“So many great linemen that I had a chance to play with”

True franchise QB until the very end.

    Noth1ngbutbl00d Reply

    Dan he was the 3rd best qb in colts history wat u mean franchise? Best believe Andrew luck is a franchise qb

    Bryan Lutz Reply

    @Dan Do you realize how good this man could of been if football wasn’t beat out of him

    Dats a paddlin Reply

    Noth1ngbutbl00d To be fair there only 3 worth talking about…but yea

    Dougie The Goat Reply

    Bryan Lutz this scares me as an eagles fans with wentz

    wayne merritt Reply

    so great he is retiring from being sacked so many times

Luis Rivera Reply

You Did Everything You Could Andrew Luck With The Colts Enjoy Life Coming From Me As A Giants Fan #RespectLuck!!!! 🙏🏽


You don’t want to know how I got this many likes.

    yoboi ac Reply

    Way too far bro

    JY Reply

    I see. You dont have to blame Luck for the decision but still disllike the fact that he is retiring. hence, thumbs down.

    O Reply


    yourlocalgio Reply

    nathan rainville what did he say

    Joel Bonilla Reply

    First Last what did he say ???

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