Andrew Luck Taking Steps To Fully Return From Calf Strain – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Stevie Armstrong Reply

It’s #IndianapolisColltsNation4Life Here Our QB Is Back And Healthy My Colts. We Is Goin All The Way This Year #Factz

    Gabriel Johnson Reply

    Not just this year but years to come ppl sleeping on us but we will wake them up

    Stevie Armstrong Reply

    @Gabriel Johnson We Is Going To Wake Ppl ☝ This Year Watch And πŸ‘€. It’s#IndianapolisColltsNation4Life Here

    Owen Hovis Reply

    OOF rip the playoffs for the colts

    Jay Reply

    Lmaoo 1-15

    Stevie Armstrong Reply

    @Jay My Indianapolis Colts We Took That L Lastnight But We Is Goin To Come Even πŸ’ͺ This Reagular Season. #Factz And My QB Andrew Luck Is About To Retire. I Don’t πŸ‘ The Factz That He’s Retiring But Our QB Has Been Through A Lot Of Injuries So It’s Best That My QB Retire. Andrew U Is Goin To Be Missed. But We Is Still Goin To Pick ☝ Another Good QB. #Factz It’s#IndianapolisColltsNation4Life Here

Gabriel Johnson Reply

Mvp mvp mvp do your mf thing this year Luck show the world you more then a top 5 QB you coming for that number 1 spot

    Dafucc U'thought Reply

    Lmao Overrated

    Barbara Chieppo Reply

    @Dafucc U’thought who’s your QB just wondering Luck is a great QB and a great human being Go Colts🏈

    Owen Hovis Reply


    Jordan Davis Reply

    @Owen Hovis you’re an absolute clown

    Owen Hovis Reply

    Jordan Davis HOW…

Emmanuel Cardenas Reply

Take it’s easy Andrew we need you at 100%

    Owen Hovis Reply

    Emmanuel Cardenas OOF

    Chris topher Reply

    Hes done wow

    Stevie Armstrong Reply

    We Do Bruh #Factz

HeyFranziska Reply

Gosh, Andrew Luck is just so damn likeable. Hope he gets back to 100% soon

    Owen Hovis Reply

    HeyFranziska OOF

    HeyFranziska Reply

    @Owen Hovis 😒

    i have the documents Reply

    This didnt age well

    HeyFranziska Reply

    @i have the documents πŸ’”

Hollywood Heel Reply

No need to push yourself and risk further injury.

    Cory Crawford Reply


SpYd3R Optics Reply

Andrew is a beast! Can’t wait to see him whoop on defenses all year!!

    Brady Bossert Reply


Eduardo Jean-Jacques Reply

Please stay healthy πŸ™πŸ™ Go colts πŸ’ͺ 1% better everyday

    Owen Hovis Reply

    Eduardo Jean-Jacques OOF

    Owen Hovis Reply

    Eduardo Jean-Jacques oof



peoplevsradio317 Reply

Andrew Luck goes and plays soccer in the off-season… Gets hurt again. Is the soccer team paying him a hundred million dollars?

    Tatenda Mutseyekwa Reply

    oh wow didnt know that. also hurt his shoulder snow boarding….. looks like its not only the lack off good O line till last year that contributed to his injury…

Dkirk122 Reply

Always hear Stephan Holder’s voice when you listen to colts interviews

Randal Smith Reply

Aww solidarity between local news teams, how cute.

Robel Tadesse Reply

I can’t wait for this season to start and we need a healthy Andrew to lead this team to a championship. C’mon Andrew!!!

adam johnson Reply

His last interview… πŸ’”

Chris topher Reply

Jeeze this ends up being the end of Andrew luck

antoine malone jr Reply

Why am i over here watching past luck interviews like he died? Lol

Not a colts fan, but respect his game and sucks injuries took him out early.

Franco Bradshaw Reply

then he quit lmao

Mike DopeLess Reply

You can read the subtext of “Retirement” in this interview – so sad man

austin felts Reply

damn this escalated quickly

Kyle Maguire Reply

This video did not age well.

Randall Rash Reply

I hope Andrew looks back and either is at peace with leaving or decides to return if he feels mentally and physically like he wants.

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