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Matt Nicholson

Wow!! Thought it was a joke or click bait at first!! Then looked and it said NFL

    I Am 999

    Yeah, I thought it was UrinatingTree or Thatsgoodsports.

    ghost in the shell357

    Exactly I thought I was like TPS or urinatingtree making the video but not this time

    Matt Nicholson

    So who’s taking his spot??

    Hari Avula

    @Zenigundam luck did this because of the incompetence of ryan grigson and his deteriorating mental state. And ive seen you in other comment sections with insightful comments, which is why im surprised you commented this bs


2018 – Comeback Player of the Year
2019 – Doesn’t Comeback

    Amazing Creation



    @Pear Boii … your dad?

    Chocolate Glazed Donut

    CDM is it really that serious

    Jack L

    CDM Who cares

    31 13

    @Gematria Effect News very possible truth-seeker 😊

Satya Garapati

Don’t let this distract you from the fact that vontae Davis retired during halftime of a game.

    Steven Kincaid

    Hemanth Swarna uhhhh you don’t seem to know what you’re talking about. If you can’t give it your all, isn’t it selfish of you to still take pay checks and perform when you know deep down your body just can’t do it anymore? Unreal. I hope you aren’t a colts fan because man you are one shitty “fan”


    @Hemanth Swarna not sure if you mean this march (2019) or next march, but either way, it’s BS.
    Back in march he didn’t know that he was going to have that calf injury. And you can’t expect from him to go another full season beeing banged up the whole time.

    BB Clover 2010

    Hemanth Swarna but he just got injured…


    @Hemanth Swarna Jacoby brisset it pretty good tbh.

    Hari Avula

    @_Chad_ _M_ mahomes, brady, brees, rodgers (even though he had an offseason, and maybe wilson. Luck is borderline top 5 qb

David Akinola

Colts O-line wore him down for years, Best wishes to him, hopefully the same doesn’t happen to desean watson


    It’s a damn shame man .I’m sad to hear this news… from a Hawks fan.


    David Akinola He still could’ve played. They only allowed 17 sacks last season


    I’ll never get why the Colts didn’t go for o-line before it was too late. Why waste your first round pick on a mediocre wide receiver like Phillip Dorsett when your QB has a lacerated kidney from getting hit so much

Marcos Mercedes Nuñez

This is sad. Nobody can blame him, he hasn’t been able to get healthy, he took way too big of a beating in the first years of his career.


    @Jake Taylor there was no guarantee he was going to play at all this year. Ankle issue kept getting worse and he wasn’t playing or practicing.

    Jake Taylor

    @trains2105 is that why he kept saying he was going to play, and be ready for week one? Gtfoh bro.😂

    Ken Morris

    @David Garcia Shoulda went with RG3😂

    Hari Avula

    @Jake Taylor you can quit your job anytime you like. sports fans take sports too seriously. these are athletes

darrick smith

Health is so important. This is precisely why Calvin Johnson retired.

    Jesse Arms

    @Oliver Medina shut up

    BB Clover 2010

    corban Starkey is he supposed to say “I don’t wanna play for the lions”

    Eat Soup

    Yea but Calvin Johnson has a longer career than Luck and he was a receiver, so that’s why it’s that big of a deal and they were also maybe in contention to win the super bowl this year

    Travis Cohen

    Nah I thought so to but it’s the same reason the great Barry Sanders left. How you got millions in cap space but dont know how to build around your most talented and valuable player? No sense of to keep taking a beating and doing all the hard work If theres no support for him.

R. William Comm

Luck has earned $97M in his career so far. Irsay fired Polian & released Peyton Manning after missing one season for neck surgery.

    Jesse Arms

    @R. William Comm yeah we all do. I have big thumbs so i get it. Sorry im just pissed as a lifetime colts fan. I spend money on jerseys all alot of my time has been invested with this team. For dude to quit when they got him a good offensive line and better d makes no sense. He was finally about to have a great team with great roster and walks out a week before the season. So anyone who defends a quitter please stop

    mark price

    @Jesse Arms …..and……Manning came back after neck surgery …and..won a super bowl. He set tons of passing records, had them in the play offs almost every year, won them a super bowl, and instead of giving him a nice paying contract like he deserved they gave him the door. No one in sports ever gave a team so much and got screwed in the return.

    R. William Comm

    mark price It does seem as though Luck leaving on his own terms is very different from how most athletes’ careers end. Him leaving might be better for the team in the long run because they can now draft a starting caliber QB

CM Punk

Who got that Notification while watching Miami Vs Florida

    killerboy 1155

    CM Punk everyone did

    Denise Jayme


    Miles Beasley

    Same couldn’t believe it

Killito Kortez

Salute this guy. He dont want to be a crippled and not be able to enjoy his child and family going forward.

    Andrew St. John

    Jesse Arms he’s gotten injury after injury, he owes you nothing, the colts didn’t do enough to protect him until recently, he’s making the best decision for him and his family

Dave the GOAT

Lol what if someone told you 5 years ago that Andrew luck would retire before Tom Brady


    2 years ago it looked like Brady would play until he was 50. Not a crazy idea

    mark price

    I never saw Brady try to run head first into the defensive line like a running back —time and time again for a 1 yard gain.


    staring to think TB12 is a wizard how is still able to play for so long and he’s not worried about his health like other QBs

    Dats a paddlin

    Brady married a Brazilian super model that makes more money then him. He is the goat for a reason.


    Brady has been allowed to play flag football while the rest of the league still getting hit.

Jose Salinas

Shame on the colts organization never helped him since a rookie just now recently with the new head coach but it was too late shity organization

    Dafucc U'thought

    He had one of the best offensive lines last year, and the year before that he missed the whole season because he hurt his shoulder snowboarding stop always blaming the offensive line

Ricky Madrigal

Would never expect Andrew Luck and RG3 careers to be like this

    Mike V

    @Jesse Arms you’re a cry baby lol go watch some golf then

    Jesse Arms

    @Mike V no i think i will watch your mom instead 🙂

    Mike V

    @Jesse Arms yea ok…suck ma ddck u lil hho lol


Can’t blame the guy. Too many injuries. He probably has a sweet media deal waiting for him like Tony Romo.


    Jesse Arms spoken by the grandmaster of stupidity rofl


    IAN THE MEME it’s stupidity, not blindness

    RobertJR Rodriguez

    70mjc you mad bro?


    @Jerry Bulger Yes this is true. He was probably also smart with his money unlike the players that need to play for the game for longer than they should and then need that “expert” analyst job and the 60 grand that comes along with it.

    Really dumb.

    Marco Hernandez

    No disrespect I don’t wanna see Andrew luck in the media

Clayton bigsby

BREAKING NEWS: Colts Have Sighned Brett Favre to a 5-year $20 deal and a lifetime supply of Levi’s Jeans

    Craig Hunter


    Smiley Smokes

    …with an endorsement from Copenhagen

    juan arreola

    A pair of Levi’s will last longer than his career lol

    Sebastian Diego

    You know he only does wrangler jeans. Throw in a few copper fits and he might actually do it

    juan arreola

    @Sebastian Diego hahahaha


Jim irsay and grigson doomed this kid from the jump. They never protected him until last year

    Joseph Schroeder

    ShokusApolloTV it was because they were fired and now they have Ballard

    Dafucc U'thought

    He never was top 3 in getting sacked in the nfl not one year


Being a Die Hard 49er fan I wish Andrew Luck all the best life has to offer 🙂 Good for him to pay attention to his well being 🙂 ROCK ON!!!!!!!

    Louise Saint Martine

    Ummm wut


    I’m a die hard frosted flakes fan and I couldn’t agree more…

    Sac Kings

    Niner empire for life!

Michael Hauserman

“And with the first pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, the Indianapolis Colts select…”

    Eli Dik

    Tua Tagavailoa

    Eli Dik

    @Planted Charge I disagree… QB is the most important position and there not gonna have a good one anymore

    Hugo González

    Tua Tagavailoa


    They should pick Nathan peterman

Michael Purnell

This is very sad, the hall of fame potential was very present. But this team did little to nothing to protect him and I can’t blame him at all for his decision.

    BB Clover 2010

    Jesse Arms you don’t know what’s going on in his head

Nate Dog

Bruuu I miss Andrew luck and I’m a Bengals fan hope you enjoy your new journey Andrew luck

    Michael Bonz

    Who dey


Lol. Former Colts player retires mid game while playing for the Bills. Luck retires mid pre-season game.

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