Andrew Luck On His Injury Progression At Training Camp – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Jaydon Allender Reply

I can’t wait tell the season‼️‼️‼️

B Rabbit Reply

Look at him. Luck is gonna be ready to go in no time. He’s gonna have a long career. This team is stacked. Get ready y’all. Colts are gonna be contenders for a long time.

    APRLV Reply

    B Rabbit what about now ….

    mvwoon Reply

    … Not.

    Age Appropriate Reply

    B Rabbit who gon tell em

Mario A. Esquivel Reply

Let’s go Colts!

1 Man Dynasty Reply

Keep my guy fresh



Alex Reply

Dam looking good bro. No homo. Your a beast luck. It’s our year.

    Yasir H. Reply

    Alex naw g all homo with luck

Michael Myers Reply

GO COLTS !!!! we are going 2 punish tha NFL this season 😉

Superduper A Reply

I’m glad we finally have a good o line to prevent those injuries. Stupid grigson😒

    rob Gookin Reply

    @James Hall II on Lucks back

    James Hall II Reply

    @rob Gookin Can’t give him all the credit cuz the defense was lights out against Cincy & Denver

    jesse grieb Reply

    James Hall II Andrew luck that’s how 😂😂😂 he carried this crap

    jesse grieb Reply

    James Hall II no the defense wasn’t that good against them Peyton could not capitalize that year Denver was a better team it’s just age was up there and Cincy luck made some crazy throws that game I remember

    James Hall II Reply

    @jesse grieb After the 1st quarter when they were up 7-0 we won the final 3 qtrs 24-6. Our secondary smothered their WRs. Don’t make excuses about age, we beat them decisively & the defense was on point. Andrew has 2 big time throws against Cincy so don’t exaggerate the truth. And the defense pitched a shutout in the 2nd half. Not sure what games you were watching.

messer e Reply

From a true fan expectations are always the same for me I want to see that trophy every year with how bitter that colts pats rivalry was I feel like I speak for every colts fans Cuz we are envious I wish we had a true dynasty and with this group of players I think it’s doable alot of young talent the only real weak point is our dline is a bunch of old guys still alot of talent tho we need turay and Lewis to step it up hopefully banogu turns into a stud as well

    Conspiracy Theory Reply

    Old?? Houston was 29 two months ago same with Sheard he just turn 30 in May they are vets but I wouldn’t call them old Robert Mathis had his 19.5 sack season at the age of 32.

    messer e Reply

    @Conspiracy Theory 30 is pretty old for dlinemen I’m not gonna say these guys won’t produce because they will my point is they will probably only be on the team for only 2 to 3 more years we need our young guys to develop so they will be ready to take over

    Conspiracy Theory Reply

    @messer e That’s true I agree. I have high hopes for Houston he’s been stuck at OLB for the past few years he’s back at his position DE I predict a 12-15 sack season same with Sheard I see him getting 8-10 sacks also I love Ben Banogu I think he has some pass rush skill.

Aaron Thompson Reply

Luck is a true leader glad he’s our Qb colts are coming Ben Banuogo is a freak of nature start running Watson………… Go blue

Bran Stark Reply

It’s so funny how Luck is so polite yet he always cuts people off before they finish their question haha

    Matthew Keklik Reply

    You can tell he wants to be respectful but in his heart he hates talking to media. I love this guy so much

Colts fan4 Life Reply

That’s my QB 😭

Tom Cogar Reply

He tells you HIS answer, not the one they want him to say – truly authentic guy.

Travon Mcalister Reply

Us colts fans are really lucky. 🏈🏆

Joe Reply

So Pumped for this Season!

Gabriel Johnson Reply

MVP this year

joel lopez Reply

Don’t sleep on the colts people this team makin it’s way to the front of the pack

Jarvis Juice Reply

MVP this year!!!

euqud9 Reply

Damn, seeing this after his retirement announcement. He will definitely be missed.

Nick Reply

And now he’s retired, one month after this interview.

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