Analyzing the Top Plays From the Win Over Dallas | Eagles All-22 Review – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Winter Striker

That pass to Greg Ward 💪🏼

freestyle yaaj

I like J.J. Whiteside when he’s in scramble mode. He’s a beast off-scripted.

Angeloe Wilson

That’s the Sydney jones we looking for.


On Saturday , the Cowboys airplane did touchdown in philly…. THAT was their only touchdown all weekend ,,,,,..How Bout them Cowboys !

Jordan Long

That first Catch by JJaw is exactly what he was known for. Excellent climb-the-mountain-and-bring-it-down type of receiver.

Daz Dealz

Nobody gives Vatai the credit he deserves. That man has played almost every position on the OLINE NEVER COMPLAINS And gets the Job DONE! He’s a HUGE asset for this team

Daz Dealz

I wish Miles took it to the House on that last play just Slam Dunk those ClownBoys

Khaos Tha Filthy

U guys are awsome

Lessons with Bryce


Jordan Long

That second play shows some really great situational awareness by JJaw. Hopefully this is indicative of his growth as a route-runner, and leads to more legit playing time.


Legend says, in the empty locker room of the Linc, on a cold December night, if you listen real carefully, you can still hear Jason Garrett clapping.

Braeden Bole


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