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2nd go ravens

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king shark

1st….. I apologize decosta, I hadn’t liked neither pick of Hollywood brown, or Miles boykin, .. seen brown as fragile, and not really in our scheme, … miles college tape showed hands, but no real separation.

Well, fk me running, … Hollywood brown has shown durability, he’s being schemed correctly in our offense, and boykins, has learn to separate and still has his unique catch the ball with guys on him.

Picks are and have produced day 1.

🤗 nice to see homegrown wr talent, finally. Good job, getting it right front office.

    Lu Kim

    Guys I still very much respect Flacco and appreciate the playoff runs we’ve had with him but you gotta admit he started getting stale/ boring with that being said it was time for a fresh start not only is Lamar going to progress but he’s also around the same age as some these younger guys that connection becomes pretty strong and you can actually look in recent years Flacco wasn’t really the type to hold wr meetings and stuff this guy Lamar is definitely a leader and he’s going to make some choices that I’m sure also wrs we be fine with it’s only a matter of time Lamar will be throwing maybe 350+ a game

    king shark

    @Last Name First Name .. true, but it was looking like he wouldn’t be the kind of guy that could help get us to the red zone, but he’s obviously worked on his flaws, and is panning out as a better pro, than he was a good college guy. That’s really good, progression.

    king shark

    @Lu Kim …. good point, on that flacco intuitive type scenario, being that rally guys just not his cup of tea, as seen in his Denver debut.

    Joe was a pure arm talent, and if the conditions weren’t right, he’d be disastrous, hey I appreciate the good run he had too, but I so blame him for not elevating like other pocket , arm passing qbs did, the ability to command and control a offense to the point he can call his own plays, the money and years he had, dictated he should have been.

    Then I figured we got it wrong, and saw that Denver game the other night, and saw joe, not able to scramble, avoid the rush, and keep Denver on the field. Was kinda sad, granted he had his big arm moments, but was to easy to see carr out duel him.

    We got a new era team, for a new era AFC north, and we are ahead of the curb. 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

    Austin Horne

    Showed durability? He has played one game…

    king shark

    @Austin Horne … 🤔, true, just one game, and held up, finished and did good. … I’m going with a feel and how we use and scheme him.

    I’m not thinking he’s our Boykin type, that is going to be blocking and banging for possession catches.

    But, check his tape, brown smart about when to get his, or get to a spot and lay it down without too much damage.

Last Name First Name

Lamar is gonna have fun this week.

America Reigns


Brandon Dixon

Please don’t leave out Gus Edwards!!!!

John Ross

No one going to mention Tony Jefferson going against his former team too?

Jace Woods

WR’s will get snaps as warranted TE’s and RB’s will be as important

Dustin Platt

Ok guys. Just chill. Still a lot of football to be played.

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