Analyzing the Packers Matchup: Episode 4 | Eagles Game Plan (Week 4, 2019) – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Dark ! Reply


life Is Reply

At 340 if wentz would have ran that ball. He would of picked up at least 20 yards. That right hole was open.

    Vicknumber7 Reply

    Not really, linebackers were right there and then the WRs aren’t good at blocking

    DMoneySavage23 Lucero Reply

    LineBackers are no match for Carson When he’s Running and NFL WideRecievers Have To Be Good at Blocking it makes them Better Recievers but Also its Taught From PeeWee To NFL its like riding a bike you never forget💚

    Puerto Rock Reply

    Yes lets send Wentz out there running so he gets cracked he did what he had to do put the ball i. Goedert hands he dropped it made us waste 2 min and JJ hit his hands for the last pass he never missed that in college

    John James Reply

    life Is Nah, f$&k all that running. He’ll get banged up doing that.

Juan Soto Reply

If we can beat the Packers it will inspire us to win more games defeating a 3-0 team will show the NFL not to count us out yet we still can make hell for other teams I hope we get it done 🦅🦅🦅

    brell 2-1-5 Reply

    the line is still 4.5, so they think we can steal this game

    Olemiss.Philly Fan Reply

    Hell yea. Only the real Philly fans are behind them. I got all the faith in the world in them. They’ve only lost 2 games. Don’t mark them off just yet. There still a lot of football left to be played. They’ll be competing for the Super Bowl again this year in the playoffs.

    Spermwhale1000 Reply

    Us? I don’t play. What number are you?

jaqen h'ghar Reply

Eagles can win this if they dont make mental mistakes

    brell 2-1-5 Reply

    the line is still 4.5, so they think we can steal this game

    John Lancaster Reply

    That’s a big “if”

Still Learnin 4332 Reply

Everybody’s gonna be hollering trade for jaire on Friday after he locks up. Birds starting slow, per usual, ain’t gonna help it

FiringallCylinders Reply

Call me crazy but I have a funny feeling they pull out a W in Lambeau. I know it’s a short week, in Green Bay against Aaron Rodgers and it should be a Green Bay domination, but there’s something that screams trap game for the Packers.

    DMoneySavage23 Lucero Reply

    U feel it too only Real EAGLE’S FANS FEEL THIS Right now 💚💚

    brell 2-1-5 Reply

    well the line is still 4.5, so they think we can steal this game

    Austin Madore Reply

    FiringallCylinders nah, you guys are gonna lose 😂

    YouDontNeed ToKnow Reply

    Forget about crazy, you sound straight up insane.

    Spermwhale1000 Reply

    You’re crazy. But I hope you’re right. If they want it bad enough & want to prove themselves.

AlienatedPotato Reply

Doug is 3-0 in Thursday night games. Let’s make it 4-0. The packers defense hasn’t faced a good qb yet.

    The Mike707x Reply

    Lol and carson is a good qb

    Jon 66 Reply

    Smith, Smith, Alexander and savage. Just four of the names you will hate after Thursday.

    AlienatedPotato Reply

    @Jon 66 What about Amos, where is he?

brell 2-1-5 Reply

the line is still 4.5, so they think we can steal this game

Dbz Lover Reply

Good Luck 😤

John James Reply

Breakout the all black uniforms, and let’s go melt some 🧀 to go with our cheesesteaks!

    Pilot 728 Reply

    I agree!

    Drop Beats Reply

    That’s a home uniform, all white is for road games

    John James Reply

    Drop Beats I get it, but wish they could for this game.

    Mike Craig Reply

    John James they’ll probably do it for a mnf or snf later this year and maybe a day home game or prime time one (love to see it against the Patriots)

    Guardians of Gold Reply

    That would be great, but they wear all white on road games.

Dbz Lover Reply

Prove the haters wrong 💪

Damien Ramey Reply

Catch balls. No fumbles. We win.

Jason Strom Reply

We’re going to win this game. I was looking at what the Packers strengths are and they don’t match up well against the Eagles. Their defense would have to play out of its mind to win this game and I just don’t see it. Things are going to start to click again for the Offense. We win 31-20.

    YouDontNeed ToKnow Reply

    Wym? Eagles pass defense is 29th, if anything this is a great game for Aaron Rodgers to have a resurgence. Only way I see the Eagles even having a chance is if Jordan Howard has a game.

Smokedmartini Reply

Pay Jenkins.

    Still Learnin 4332 Reply

    I want him to sit out until he does. This sloppy team don’t deserve him

Kelly Dexter Reply

Run the ball

Justin White Reply


Josh Joyce Reply


Bigg B Reply

Better believe in miracles cause they need it

    Spermwhale1000 Reply

    Let us pray. Them losing makes Carson look bad when he’s doing his part to the best of his ability. He’ll ask to be traded.

B J Reply

Carson needs to get the ball to Alshon up high to let him make plays

wil brander Reply

The Packers chew the cud regurgitated from their rumen. We’re gonna separate these milk curds, cut them into cubes and sell them back to them at a higher price. Put THAT on your head and wear it.

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