Analyzing the Cowboy’s Offense Under New OC Kellen Moore | Baldy Breakdowns – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos Reply

Cowboys look insane

    Chris Salcido Reply

    Yes a waay different look compared to years amd years back. Kellon moore has put the spice on the cowboys offense

Chris Perez Reply

Feel bad for number 34 😂 2:29

    Sports Guru Reply

    Chris Perez lmao he got buried

    Randy Lahey Reply

    Poor guy was just trying to do his job lmao

Dave Everett Reply

Cowboys = Boise State 2.0

    Creed Savage Reply

    if its boise state 2.0 we still got allot more tricks up our sleeve

Carver Bradley Reply

kellen moore really on a different level as far as football IQ. 50 wins in collage, played decent when he was in the NFL, mastermind behind the clip board

    Carver Bradley Reply

    Jack Keesee just wait then. never liked the boys but i have a good feeling, especially with how fast he was able to rise through the coaching ranks.

    quan Brooklyn kid Reply

    @Jack Keesee lol

    Jeremy Boulanger Reply

    @Jack Keesee no he designed an entire playbook that he brought to Boise and they ran some of them. He 💯came into the NFL to play a few seasons as a backup get some reps but mostly to learn the defense and ways to attack those pro Defenses. Him and Dak were having a ball allnight. And they did this with 13 carries 53yds and a TD from Zeke. Next week they are going to mix Zeke in more and they are going to light up Washington with all that and a more sustained run game. The Defense is going to play better cause D Law is hungry and QBs is what he feasts on! #HotBoyz

    Jack Keesee Reply

    @Jeremy Boulanger I predicted with that schedule they would be 4&0 the first 4 games.

cour1988 Reply

It’s crazy it took us this long to figure this out. I mean this stuff has been in the NFL for years and we were like 10 years behind the times with Linehan. Never understood that. Now we are somewhat with the times of play calling. Excited to see what else is in the bag of tricks.

    Jaideep Singh Reply

    D smi yes we would have

    Boxing Jab 101 Reply

    @Mr & Mrs V wrong! His problem was that he was to vanilla..kellen is using a lot of motion to descise and confuse the defenses. Not only that but when you use motion in the offense you can use it to figure out if the defense is playing man or zone..the motion creates mismatches also in the passing game..kellen is a genius!

    Mr & Mrs V Reply

    @Boxing Jab 101 wrong ??? Look it up…lol.. Where up here do I say anything about HOW Linehan ran a defense ??? We ALL know he was predictable and vanilla… All I put here is his run and how long it took to figure out he wasn’t a good OC….

    Mr & Mrs V Reply

    @Boxing Jab 101 and btw.. We all know K.Moore is a genius.. His dad was a coach that taught him since he was 5… When he came to Boise , he brought his own playbook.. He set a college record for wins. We know what’s up… He is one of the keys to the offense and how dominate it is. As said… I was pointing out how Linehan was able to stay an OC for 4 seasons…

TOP40NOW Reply

Offense looks 10 times better. They used to call the most stupidest plays.

    Lunzatis Palemoon Reply

    It’s the same offense and the same plays just disguised with motions and shifts. It also helps that Moore isn’t predictible in what plays that he calls on specific downs.

    Sole Soul Reply

    Still do, same play calling as linehan.

    TOP40NOW Reply

    @Sole Soul maybe the same plays but not the same playcalling. It’s just one game but he looks like he might know what to call and when to call it instead of trying to force the same playcalling for every situation. The offense doesn’t look forced

    Rollo Tomassi Reply

    What you no like the old everyone stand there in the same position until 3 secs on the play clock and then hike?

    Remi10pm Reply

    Throw to witten n 3rd & 15. Like Wtf lol

Juju’s Bike Reply

that offense looks fun to play in

Glen Capers Reply

Gotta love the offensive philosophy. Threatening defenses both vertically AND HORIZONTALLY. This is an updated version of the west coast offense with RPOs sprinkled in. It’s like Kellen Moore is playing Madden on his playstation with Dak! 😂

    Jesse Sherman Reply

    Glen Capers lmao what’s better is he has and all pro back to give it to ontop of it

    932001quietstorm Reply

    Damn sho ain’t playing no playstation that was Scott as ps4.

humansRpepul2 Reply

Doubt Linehan can even grasp what’s going on here. Sorry Scotty.

    Eric W Reply

    Linehan: “why aren’t they running 7 yard curl routes on 3rd and long?”

    David Butler Reply

    Lmao hell yeah

    b1bbs g0t h4nds Reply

    that throw at 3:02 is so f^cking dirty bro. Dak was on his a game

    Brian Waller Reply

    No way he would run a full back on a wheel route

    Austin Mark Reply

    @Eric W “why arent they running it up the middle on first down? nobody expects that.”

teedubb71 Reply

Baldy ALWAYS gave the Cowboys their props. One of the few

    NEMoretime Reply

    Really? You must not have heard him speak on philly radio.

Mike Camire Reply

I love it, he broke all of Linehan’s tendencies and kept the Giants guessing all game.

    sagetheinferno Reply

    You mean Moore? Linehan is in the wind he’s not the OC.

    Mike Camire Reply

    @sagetheinferno – No I mean Moore passed out of formations that Linehan would traditionally run out of more often than not, etc..

Calvin Johnson Reply

Most defenses figured out what the cowboys was going to do by the formation they lined up in. So it was easy to game plan for that offense. The difference I see in this first game is more shifts and motion and running different plays out of the same formation which rarely happened under Linahan.

    Lunzatis Palemoon Reply

    And by running all those shifts and motions, you don’t have the team just standing in the huddle and not using the game clock wisely before snapping the football.

    Mark James Reply

    The shifts and the motions also help Dak see what the defenses are planning to do based on their adjustments to the motions.

    Zech Rojas Reply

    The shifts and motions also prevent the defense from having the time to literally call out the next play the Cowboys were going to run. Thanks Linehan.

The Milisha Reply

As a Sooners fan, this Boise St.type offense still gives me nightmares. I’m having flashbacks.

    ICE H2O Reply

    The Milisha, that was a great game, you have to admit it.

    Sole Soul Reply

    @ICE H2O never!

    Uncle Fester Reply

    ICE H2O it was good for us Longhorn fans🤘 at least we can agree on the Cowboys!

    WTAP Reply

    A lot of different formations. A lot of motion used to confuse.

Luke Mallie Reply

This is the Boise State offence that Kellen used to call as the on field Coach/QB!!! Every Boise fan knows how he do so get excited Cowboy Nation!!!

    Chunk Of Coal Reply

    Kellen ball!

    Sole Soul Reply

    He bout to get squaded

    Abram Ramirez Reply

    Oh I remember! I’m a Fresno State fan and man was he a pain in our you know what! Love that he’s our new OC!

    Will090681 Reply

    @Abram Ramirez Hey but you got Kellen’s brother Kirby, as your wide receivers coach

Jose Garcia Reply

I owe Kellen Moore an apology after last year.

Linda Easley Reply

Linehan was stubborn . Some have said that Romo’s keen ability to read defenses masked Linehan’s crap

    sunnydaze11 Reply

    Yep, Linehan was very stubborn and didn’t seem to take into consideration player strengths or feedback. The QB, receivers, and fans were beyond frustrated with him at OC. Always knew Dak had more in him….and he did too.

    Lunzatis Palemoon Reply

    @sunnydaze11 Linehan handcuffed and handicapped Dak the entire time he was there. Linehan refused to practice deep passes in practice which is something that both Kellen Moore and Jon Kitna have focused on.

    ABEL LOPEZ Reply

    I TRULY believe TONY ROMO would be a great head coach or offensive coordinator. Its obvious!

Arthur Roberto Reply

Its simple, Kellen is better than Scott calling plays.

    Eric Hill Reply

    Copy that!!!😁

Beebs Reply

“I don’t know what’s making Dak more happy, his contract coming his way or his new OC” 😂😂

poppanolan Reply

Giant fan here… I wish we had a young man like Dak as the face of our franchise. Class act…PAY the LAD!!!

    Anthony Ferruggia Reply

    Your a class act Mr.Giants fan

    M Realzola Reply

    Much respect to you

    ryan g Reply


    Deuce Pickle Reply

    As a Cowboys fan, I think y’all have something good in Daniel Jones. Seemed great in the preseason, anyway.

JR 214 Reply

Remember 2016 when Giants fans were laughing at Dak? Now hes 5-2 vs them Lmao

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