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Kevin Hernandez

Colin Cowherd bringing a Costco size bottle of lotion to his show this morning! 🤣

    Peter R

    😂 🤣 😃 😄 😂 🤣 😃 😄



    Lucien Hicks

    That s all dude’s show ever is…. Fapfapfap

    James Thomas



Browns need to change the color of their name being its the same as the 2x4s i unload in the bowl every morning when i wake up!

Nick Nguyen

Cleveland’s Browns: ‘If you weren’t a fan of us losing by 30 points, don’t be a fan of us when we lose by 30 now.”

    k-os k-os

    Great point you should#OBJ

    The Malay-American Guy

    They gotta point


Baker looked more like a rookie yesterday than he did all last year!

    jesse pinkmen

    Also the oline was dogshit

    Riley Maas

    Ghost I don’t think so, if you watched the game you saw him go 22/29 in the first 3 quarters, pff even pegged him at a 91 ratings, the problems game when the defense continuously slept and let the titans take over, baker began forcing it in the 4th quarter leading to more interceptions, common for young quarterbacks trying to do too much at once

    jesse pinkmen

    Riley Maas also the oline was letting up sacks

    James Thomas


    James Thomas

    @Riley Maas good analysis I was in agreement with said comment till you broke it down, pip… GREAT comment!


“They gonna win this years super bowl” JAJAJAJAJA

    JStay Positive

    LA PICHAS it’s 1 game first of all, I bet you didn’t even watch the game jus commenting to hate smh

    Donald Trump Jr. X

    @JStay Positive They definitely aren’t winning the Superbowl so…..


    JStay Positive Like I said… JAJAJAJAJA

    Chuck Ford

    A lot of teams had bad games people forget that the starters sat at out pre season that’s 5 weeks now that it’s games speed it could take weeks to adjust this team is no slouch next week they could put 40+ up this loss means nothing and I am not even a browns fan it’s just facts smh

    JStay Positive

    Donald Trump Jr. X ok cuz you can predict the future man I believe you . Your right . Foh bro u don’t know what’s gon happen ? And dude laughing y’all of bunch of jokers


God that picture of Mayfield is gonna be used all week isnt it


    for the rest of the season and the rest of his bum career most likely


    Yes it is Johnny

Mr psychometrics

Yea the sophomore struggle is in play here. Most players go through it.

    Matt :D

    @Mr psychometrics no problem

    eat a chicken wing

    I don’t think it’s that I just think that he got caught up with all the hype 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Tyler Hansen

    Maybe not mahomes

    You know where I like it...

    We’re 1 game in… I’m not suggesting that he will or won’t struggle this season, just seems ridiculously early to call it. By that same token, Lamar Jackson is going to have an 80 touchdown season.

    vince lawrence

    Some Q B’s are born to lead, Lamar Jackson is a normal dude just love to shine in football,, Baker will catch on, be rich and enjoy , to many super stars can cause a big headache in the ranks , never get crown to early by all the lip service know it all sport talk shows.

Shortest SB Champion QB

Browns thought they fleeced the Giants when they got Vernon for Zeitler lmao Oline is needing some work


    Olivier Vernon had no sacks, no tackles and no assists. He’s a complete bum. Giants oline played well yesterday.

Shortest SB Champion QB

Jesus where is this teams discipline? Kicking and punching, 18 flags smh

    retro nerds

    I didn’t know it was possible to get that many flags in one game

    L3- -37

    @Lane Morris a little bit of it. Shitstains bandwagons blame refs every game though. It’s a copout excuse.

    L3- -37

    @Epoch Fatalist shitstain fans will also let you know when they’re sore losers.

    Ohio Biker

    20 Flags..2 were picked up


    I never understood why someone would punch someone wearing a frickin helmet! What in the hell are you going to hit?! What damage are you going to cause?!


Baker Mayfield stats against winning teams in 2018 : W/L 1-5 , 59.5 completion percentage , 10-11 TD to INT , 77.0 Passer Rating


    He’s a poser


    this just in: his real name is Baker Manziel

    Sanjay Aiyar

    Granted he played under hue Jackson for the games against Saints, Ravens, Chiefs, Chargers which was four of them


    He played under Hue Jackson for 4 of those games, are you high?


    Redeye what will be the excuse this year ? 🤔


This is the result of having a rookie head coach and a young inexperienced qb


I hope every team takes notes… keep baker inside the pocket and great things happen for your defense

k-os k-os

Thank God OBJ got his yards in , who knows what would’ve happened to the damn net .


They gonna use that pic of Baker for every thumbnail lol

FN- 2187

The NFL trolling the Browns hard af!😂😂

    Paulo K

    Yeah, that picture of Baker is a low-key troll attack.

    T Mart

    He deserves it

    James Thomas

    Good, we thrive on hate…. we need it. This is one of the best things could happen for this team.. They need that chip.

    James Thomas

    @T Mart we all do, whole Brown’s nation…. now we circle the wagons!

born 2 shit forced 2 wipe

Cleveland Browns fans be like “if you weren’t with us for 0-16 then don’t be with us when were hopefully 1-15”.

    unknown comic

    They will win one only if the Falcons are on the schedule! But I don’t think they are! So…. Uh Oh!!


    @unknown comic Yall bouta eat crow but thats fine 🙂

    edgar torres

    What up fatass

    Cali World tv



    Not really, it’s week 1 and we had 7 wins last year without the talent brought in. 4 other games were lost because off piss-poor kicking and the raiders game was stolen by the worst call of all time.

SpeechLess Shh!

Or you could have made a video saying “How the Titans Manhandled The Browns”

    James Thomas

    Out prepared, out coached, out played no doubt.

Andrew Fung

Logan Ryan is one of the best slot corners in the NFL right now probably

Nicholas Rey

That a way to give Tennessee zero credit for the win! Keep up the good work.


    Yup, penalties don’t happen in a vacuum. False starts happen when a lineman is feeling the constant pressure of the pass rush; holds happen when linemen or dbs get beat. Frustration happens when a team feels they are being dominated, but Baldy makes it sound like the Titans had nothing to do with that. He’s in his own bubble.

    Midnight Tornado

    Yup, what else is new? Why is this video not about “How the Titans dismantled the Browns”? Typical spin, not surprising in the least.

eat a chicken wing

I have a question why is all the Browns fan upset that they lost like ya should be used to it 😂😂

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