Analyzing the Best Plays from the Bucs’ 55-40 Win Over the Rams | Film Session – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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So you mean every play?

Fernando Vergara

Great win boys!!!

Jose Sanchez

Always love these film sessions! Especially after a win😉!

Corey Singletary


Raul Castillo

We’re coming for you next saints!


First play (cross inside blitz): If we played tight coverage and bumped the WRs, Lavonte would have gotten the sack. Also Vita Vea had at least two plays where he beat his man quickly. Poor DBs allowed a quick pass. If we just can get a little more physical play from the DBs, our sack total would even be higher. At least force more bad throws/throwaways/incompletions.

Jerry Lyons

Gotta keep this rollin!!!

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