Analyzing Odell’s Insane Catches vs. The Jets | The Anatomy of a Play – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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    Summer Runner


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    Lmao the haters are on Instagram 😂


    @Ty ty fax 😂


First. But odell is a god

Trying to get 1,000 Subs with no vids

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    Kevin Pawl

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Kevin Pawl

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Waylon Runfola

Odell is insane I can’t believe the browns got him without trading more than what they gave to the giants


Really glad the Browns traded for Odell and not AB right now.


    @GeniusFNM at least Eli finally got benched!


    GlaPlayz Eli wasn’t even that bad 2 time sureee bowl champion and he can throw far as hell.

    Melon Shark

    @GeniusFNM he overrated


    Jenny Miller Doug Pederson isn’t better than Belicheck. If you think that then you are a bigger clown than AB. Belicheck is one of the best coaches or the best coach in the NFL. I don’t see Doug getting 6th and 7th rounders and making them good. I don’t see Doug getting a hella late draft for a QB and make him into a Super Bowl MVP. Pederson is good, but no where near as good as Belicheck.

    Chris Dominguez

Shortest SB Champion QB

Can’t wait for the Joker movie next month starring Antonio Brown

    Shortest SB Champion QB

    @Grouch Morgan People who blame CTE and Burfict are ignorant. Ryan Clark back in 2012 predicted AB would turn into a monster if the Steelers gave him a big contract. Many Steelers like Clark and even Troy had issues with him. Learn the history clown

    Theo Parker

    Facts the helmet thing was not him being a drama queen ppl forget about him an D jac both took some nasty hits that year
    good point !!!!


“How you gonna wear a 6 figure watch and play a 1 dollar bill?” 😂

“Odell who?” 😂😂

DeAndre Black

As long as the browns got obj they got a chance great for the fans who deserve it

Devin Posey

Now seeing Odell all the time now that he’s in Cleveland I see why he’s a superstar


No AB no problem Let’s go DEFENSE

Sy Ku

Watching Eli lose 2 more games not worth it. Should’ve kept Odell. So dumb.


    I would of love to seen Jones to Odell.


    As a browns fan I’m totally fine with this 😂


The Browns should sign AB and have the greatest receiver tandem in history. 😁

    off season pros



Reminds me of Sammy Watkin’s run week 1

Common Sense

He was running fast but why doesn’t anyone notice Ratley flying in to block? Had to be running faster than OBJ, right?

    Theo Parker

    Facts an he was way behind the play !!!!!! good eye 👍

    James Sheehan

    Just goes to show, speed isn’t everything as a receiver.


Never thought i’d see the day where i was rooting for OBJ


That’s what you get, if you mess with a Hall of Famer.

Jon Davis

Greg Williams is a hell of a DC is all I know. He’s working with a CFL team

Roger Young

That wasn’t an analysis. More of a hype video.

Harboni P

Love it, ODell got the last laugh on NewYork …makes you wonder about the giants management ?

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