Analyzing Lamar Jackson’s 5 TD Week 1 Performance | Baldy Breakdowns – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

“Pretty good for a running back”.

    Patrick DeCesare

    U gonna get a super bowl out of me belee dat

    Ms Sandy

    @Patrick DeCesare I believe it!


    The running backs jokes are played out and corny


    The offense is simple, yet genius! Our GM deserved that 2nd gameball for bringing in OC G. Roman, & drafting Hollywood

Esketit Esketit

“iT wAs mIaMi”

I look forward to every NFL team’s QB throwing 5 tds vs Miami.

    King Zach

    @miguel ornelas okay bud keep that same energy

    miguel ornelas

    @King Zach keep that same energy is the new “come at me bruh” smh

    miguel ornelas

    @King Zach I will keep that same energy, especially when Pat’s win I’ll come back here to make yall eat crow 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Mikiyas 17

    @rahn ezell Lmao he better have made those throws the WR’s were open all game terrible defense

    Carlos Sierra

    tetrakiva 18 calm down

brandon bagley

Dolphin Fans: I wonder how many touchdowns we gon have today?

Dolphin’s D: Yes

    Matt Balderrama

    “We’re not tanking”

    -Brian Flores

    Zechariah shuman

    @Matt Balderrama oh


    @Matt Balderrama we should tank but its gonna be our luck that we win 5 or more games again and not get the 1st pick

    Matt Balderrama

    @Jh0001471 Next year will be a full rebuild and once Brady decides to hang it up the division will be wide open


    @Matt Balderrama we should focus on the o line first before anything


I love baldy’s breakdowns… Entertaining plus you learn something

Bill Woo

First time hearing “Baldy”. That is some top quality analysis and breakdown. Real top.

    The Fly Generation

    Right! Finally an actually football minds perspective. Im sicl of these bozos giving opinions.

Isaac .A

I knew he was a good quarterback but I didn’t expect this for week 1

    cornellius Baxter

    Ares Krieger and the other thing is there have been teams nearly as bad if not as bad as the dolphins but you didn’t see a perfect passer rating from those opposing QBs

    sam hawkz

    Its week 1! First season. Like mahomes hes average at best

    cornellius Baxter

    sam hawkz I guess breaking the record for passing yards in a season and winning mvp is average now huh? 🤦🏾‍♂️

    Jay So Wavy

    They went against the dolphins.

    sam hawkz

    @cornellius Baxter he had elite season! Let’s see how he does rest of his career



zurich foreman

“Everyones worst fear” more like thier best hope. They can’t stand looking at that boy do his thing

    The Black Shadow


    Lou ELastic

    Who can’t stand looking at him doing his thing? What are you trying to imply?

    The Black Shadow

    Lou ELastic That Racist WHITE PEOPLE are hoping and wishing for his Downfall!

    D Bergs

    205_GLIZZY Cortez is very reasonable. I am a bears fan. Do you think I was saying what you guys are saying about Lamar Jackson when Trubisky absolutely carved up the bucs? Hell no. It takes more than one game to judge a qb especially when that game was against a god awful defense. There were times when the bears defense was so bad that any running back in the league could go for 100 on us. Don’t call him the truth because he beat an awful defense. In the breakdowns, his passes are accurate and well timed but his receivers are pretty much wide open

Cal Caleb

They crying it’s dolphins, but the focus should be on that defense and front office isn’t that defense full of mostly first round picks 🤷🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️



    Rork Poast

    Doesn’t matter.

Ms Sandy

I find it so strange that some people can’t accept that it’s possible that Lamar has gotten better. Why is that?


    @Ms Sandy Maybe the rest of the season will prove me wrong. But the Dolphins are the worst of the NFL. I really don’t think that’s debatable right now. Once the Ravens beat a team like the Patriots or Chiefs, then I’ll be sold. Lamar Jackson is a superstar for sure, but this is one game against a pretty awful team

    Mikael S

    Because its more likely the dolphins got worse.

    Warren Shiflett

    @BlakDynamite615 They’ll say Miami really improved in one week. The haters will always make up something. Lamar is a runner, a good passer and a great kid. He has never opened his mouth with trash talk like other QBs around the league.

Bodymore MDummy

Dak gets hyped up for beating the Giants at home when receivers was wide open Lamar gets criticized cause he beat the Dolphins on the road and had to make good throws the hate is real real

    La’ Garv

    Ron Silvia i hope you don’t think Lamar won’t throw well against KC defense, they aren’t even that good!

    sam hawkz

    Lamar jackson is average!

    David Dooley

    Dude, Dak sucks.  I’ve lived in Dallas 36 years

_ Hans _

Wait, he was accurate and has great QB vision?! I thought it was because “iTz mIaMi”?


    There was zero pass rush.


    @Beau thats true but still displayed good accuracy, power, and ability to read defense

    Chris McKee

    Beau 2:10

    Nightmare Kilo

    @Beau shows how good the offensive line is

Volka Deus

0:58 look at that wide open field. A run first qb would immediately take off, but instead Lamar threw. Dont you dare tell me that all he can do is run into the defense.

    Al Boog


    Jack Concannon

    Right, no one ever watches the game yet criticizes him. Last year 90% of his runs were designed runs made by the coach. He’s no josh Allen that just takes off down the field as soon as he gets any type of pressure.

    Danielle johnson

    Jack Concannon I don’t see why people couldn’t see that. He’s was just running the plays called by the coach.

    Jack Concannon

    @Danielle johnson because folks didn’t watch him actually play, they just went off confirmation bias

    sean dent

    I know If I was playing madden, and I seen that lane, Id book it for sure lol.

Ron Edward

“A seasons worth of highlights in one game.” I love the sound of that.


That’s the content I watch. Not a bunch of dummies so called NFL experts talking trash on TV.


    When did Miami become the worst team in the league because they haven’t ever had the top pick in the draft? Oh, that’s right, they’re the worst team in NFL because Lamar lit them up! Y’all gon learn this 21yo should’ve been the top pick in last year’s draft! Thank you experts for under-rating him


I heard dolphins 🐬 were asking to be traded after the game 😂

    A K

    Cold blooded 😂😂

F Your Opinions

This kid is talented. He throws a nice spiral and I can’t wait to see more of him.

    appache mathews

    F Your Opinions he doesn’t really even throw he flicks the ball around

    Asmr Tingles

    appache mathews 🤡

    Vaughn A

    I agree. I don’t know why everyone is surprised. Lamar threw the ball all over the field in college. It was only a matter of time before he matured and learned to read NFL defenses.


Lamar does this now all of the sudden people act like the Dolphins stopped being an NFL team 😂

Julian Shipp Jr

And the haters are saying it’s only the dolphins 😂😂

    Eric Jenkins

    Julian Shipp Jr that don’t mean nothing. Ravens performed and Miami wasn’t ready and put up numbers

Mario Tolentino

Lamar made grown men wanna quit they jobs brah. He made it look to easy

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