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I’m more proud of my G-man offensive line

    Lucas Martinez

    It does look a lot better then usual.

    billy fraiser

    Yeah, it’s crazy the ignorant stuff you read on the internet from fans who don’t actually know much about football. They’re always wanting to blame the skill positions, when the OL has been the reason the Giants haven’t been doing good the last few-ish seasons. They looked good in the pre-season game. Lets hope it carries over to the regular season.


    Giants line looked good.


    Wait till eagles and cowboys d lines lmao

    John Stone

    @bigbodyrover nobody gives a damn about the Dline for the cowboys or shitty eagles!


This just goes to show it doesn’t matter if you 6’3 230lbs or whatever ,when those guys come with that blitz and you don’t get picked up your quarterback will get canned.

    WeedNugs Weekly

    @DFromTheVille I hope Kyler wrecks so these idiots shut up about his damn height lol he’s probably taller than half of you 😂

    garret morris

    @DFromTheVille He looks way shorter than Russel Wilson imo, don’t you agree with that? I haven’t seen a shorter QB in the nfl. Your missing my point man, yeah lineman in college are tall as well but thats irrelevant . The coach will change a lot of the routes up to suit Kyle, and all the coaches will know that so they’ll exploit it. I don’t think you understand what i’m saying, idk how much of football you know. Kyler won’t be able to use any of the advantages of taller QB’s.

    garret morris

    @WeedNugs Weekly man i’m 6,3″ and i’ve played qb in high school (5 star prospect biotch! lol kidding bout that). I like Kyler a lot but saying that height doesn’t matter is silly, as why would scouts care so much about it if it didn’t have any advantages?

    Prudent Student

    This was a stupid post. Wondering why it got so many likes. Then again there are allot of stupid people. What was the point of the post ? Coaches typically want bigger QBs because it lessens the likelihood of them getting injured- more cushion for punishment. such a dumb post.

Mike Rodriguez

Is this the only class where all the qbs drafted have something to prove

    Charles Goodwin

    Yeah, and Jones probably has the most to prove. That dude can do it too. I got watch him at Duke..most games he torched other defenses he was so accurate. He was all Duke had on offense, and he did really good, except againts Clemson. He is smart and accurate, and rarely holds the ball too long. Plus, he is actually pretty quick. He ran a couple of long touchdowns last year that people seem to never mention. I said it when he was drafted, the Giants got the best QB in the draft. People laughed, but I have been trying to make them understand just how good he is. He will be starting by week 3 or 4. I like Eli, but his time has passed.


    I would say any QB who is drafted in the first round has something to prove. Even if people think the team made the right pick, the player still has to prove it on the field.

El Pollo Loco

Baldy wants Haskins to sacrifice his body in a preseason game. Smh.

    Rick Nash

    Yea didn’t agree with that one lol

    oh yeah yeah

    well he also said he wanted him to slide when haskins took a hit scrambling

    Rick Nash

    @oh yeah yeah well idk he’s gonna have to do alot of tackling in his career it seems


    Rick Nash it’s preseason, throw all the picks you can now

Wes Lopez

The part where he says “giants run a route actually deep enough for a first down” had me dying!! Lol love my gmen


    the awe in his voice is what sells it 😀

    1 jay

    We got the same number

    100cv cv

    Fitsgerald is still playing? God Damn!

    Hey Momma

    Wes Lopez
    A first down marker that was like 5/6 yds away lmaooo 8 yd completion haha in other words if it was 1st&10 it was still not deep enough for a 1st lmao

    nicolas cruz

    It’s sad that Baldy is right about that

Lonesome Jukebox

This sounds like PG 13 version of Jomboy Media breakdown.
oh, by the way, go GMEN!!!

    david sanders


    Brandon Case


    David Riedy

    Wasn’t expecting to see a Jomboy mention here haha

Clifford Baskin

Jones looked good. I just see him staring down receivers a bit, but I’m glad that he turned out ok. His accuracy is pretty nice too! And that O-line is nice.

    Knightchild 2k17

    It’s one game in the preseason.

    Lucas Martinez

    I mean if he’s accurate and places the ball well, then that really doesn’t matter.

    jay W

    It’s ONE preseason game man. Not even against full starters or real game defensive strategy. People do this every year with these rookies.

    RawB Rob

    He’s a rookie in time he’ll learn to go thru his progresions. He’ll have Barkley in the lineup and that will help him tremendously.

    Chadason McGraw

    I wish the Cardinals could give Murray an O-Line like the giants. But both qb’s came out performing really well!

Marjorie Simmonds

Narrated like one of the characters from the Sopranos!! Love it!!!

Carlo Sorrentino

Brian Baldinger: “Look at this beautiful throw!”

me: *face right against computer screen because I can’t see anything*

    No Name

    You: a seasoned potatoe


    Lmao havent laughed this hard

Mostafa Fakhruldin

This is probably one of the best things the NFL has given us.


    NFL is really delivering with the YouTube content this season!


    Mostafa Fakhruldin baldy has Instagram he uploads these type of vids all the time

    Power TT

    if you like this you should watch brett kollmann he goes even more in-depth

j p

Anyone can play well with a clean pocket. Came away from this game impressed the way Haskins handled the interceptions and sacks. He didn’t shy away or blamed anyone. He just balled as he normally did.

    Rick Kilchenman

    As a Ohio State fan. I thank you for your post. He has Class.Go BROWNS.

    Vegas raiders

    He has to learn not to force the ball


    A knock on Haskins was he played from a clean pocket too often and the NFL is very different. He’s incredibly bright I think he needs a year to get up to NFLs game speed.


    He probably made the most difficult throws of the 3. In time he will clean up those mistakes.


Didn’t show Kylers play where he evaded 2 guys coming at him and threw it…. WTF

    george corona

    Left out his signature play, maybe because it didn’t count, although I agree with you, include it and say, “This play embodies everything that is Mighty Murray!”

    Chadason McGraw

    The perfect 6-7 haha

Zaire Turner

Shade “ giants actually run a route deep enough for a first Down “

Paul Bautista

Trivia Fact: Cody Latimer and Bennie Fowler, who caught Peyton Manning’s last pass a 2pt conv, now play for the NYG catching passes for the little brother Eli. The Manning Connection.

Lazy Leftist

Extended playing time which is good for him. Extended playing time which is good for him.

    David Hayes

    *”I told you… stop bumping the table!”*

Mojo Siesta

I’m hoping this draft class turns out to be like the 2004 draft class. Three elite QBS (Murray, Jones, and Haskins) hopefully


    It’s funny because before the draft people were calling it a “very weak QB class” while 2018 was supposed to be super loaded. I think if you add Lock and Stidham this 2019 class is great.


    I remember draft experts and fans saying that no QB was worth a top 10 pick. LOL Mahomes and Watson doesn’t belong in a top 10 of the draft. Fools!

    HipHop Discussion

    Cruzan26 Mahomes was drafted in 2017 idiot

dexter t

Murray’s throwing motion is silky smooth… effortless


    I was over here thinking it was pretty ugly.

    Chadason McGraw

    Murray just has the right velocity too. It just lands in the hands and makes you feel good just watching the play.

Chris Isreal

One of the Best highlighter I’ve heard since madden because of the understanding the difference between rookie a vets great stuff

big meech

Baldy actually wanted Haskins to try and tackle the guy on the pick 6?? It’s just a preseason game, no need to risk injury. So dumb

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