Analyzing Highlights of Alvin Kamara’s INSANE Footwork | Baldy’s Breakdown – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Analyzing Highlights of Alvin Kamara’s INSANE Footwork | Baldy’s Breakdown

New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara is one of the toughest players to tackle in the NFL. NFL Network Analyst Brian Baldinger breaks down the film and highlights of Alvin Kamara's huge game against the Seattle Seahawks in week 3 of the 2019 NFL season.
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behinddoornumber1 Reply

Dude can’t be tackled

andrew hager Reply

Alvin has Cybernetic Leg Implants.
*And he is so humble off the field which makes him tough as nails on the field.

tong long Reply

You can see Teddy looking off DBs .

Jalen WALKER Reply

Go saints

The InvictusSamaritan Reply

You know your good when BOBBY WAGNER can’t tackle you.

Santos Ruedas Reply

Damn so he made Kendrick’s look stupid all day lol

    Anthony Garvey Reply

    And Wagner

musiq24 Reply

Can’t stop watching this guy, how does he do it?!

Marvin Norman Reply

Refs didn’t want to call it a touchdown. Refs wanted to call that fumble a dead ball too. 👀

anthony harris Reply

Love these breakdowns

Randy Koerth Reply

It’s no secret that I love my Saints, but I still feel like Alvin Kamara is one of those rare athletes that when it’s all said and done everyone will be looking back at his career and feel privileged to have witnessed such a unique, selfless and talented player.

    Delores Johnson Reply


    Matt Slay Reply

    When people look back, they’ll all ask the same question incredulously: “3rd round? 3RD ROUND? HOW!?”

S Peterson Reply

The one thumbs down on the video must be a Falcons fan. Lol

    Chad Smith Reply

    he from atlanta so prolly not bro. been watching him since he was winning state championships . nice try lol

    Amanda Guillory Reply

    Chad Smith it’s the falcons fans.

    Chad Smith Reply

    @Amanda Guillory im a falcons fan. but im an atlanta native first.i dont like the saints but i love kamara despite my hate for the saints. i can separate the two

    brandon williams Reply

    S Peterson lol😂😂 im from Atlanta Im Falcons all the way but Kamara is from Georgia so we koo wit Kamara bit the Aints we hate em they balling though

    Amanda Guillory Reply

    Chad Smith That still don’t change the fact that it’s most likely Falcons fans disliking the video. A lot of NFL athletes are from New Orleans, so what? I don’t just cheer for them for that reason.

Fossman Peapea Reply

I believe during the off-season he’s constantly working on balance and footwork but man I love watching this dude run he just makes it look easy to run through people like that

Kras 4 Reply

Bobby Wagner is an All Pro … Alvin gave him fits all day.

Joshua Martin Reply

Look at 93s hands at 3:45 – 3:46 right up in ak41s face, shoulda been flagged

    Rico Alexander Reply

    There are no rules against touching a players helmet. You can’t grab the facemask and turn it. Learn the rules.

Inez Marie Peters Reply

he is the greatest ever he pushes through whatever ☝️☝️☝️💓💓💓 love watching him

Peanut Butter Reply

I just want to give props to teddy also for having a good game with 2 gloves in the rain

Mike Voss Reply

Give this man a Campbells soup commercial because he is sick! NICE GAME AK41

LaPrincetonXavier Poindexter Reply

He’s a goat that’s slippery like a eel, zig zag like a gazelle, spin like a top, changes speeds and directions without hesitation and still manages to get away from people while jogging in slow motion. The next highest paid Saints player.

Delores Johnson Reply

Like “You can “TOUCHED” AK41″ players on Dat field going “OOPS” “OOPS” “OOPS” all day “EVERYDAY” WHO DAT BABY!

Dtown Dtown Reply

I will take Kamara over overrated Elliot any damn day!

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