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Break down Winston’s performance. He scored 55 on the Rams! No one has ever done that before.

    Charlito Mani

    Respect for Daniel Jones for beating the Bucs without Saquon 👍

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    Matt Ferragamo exactly the d was solid

    taco eater


    Charles Black

    Seems pretty obvious that Haskins is very similar to a young Jaimas Winston.

Martez Govan

Its ok he’ll get better not all rookies will be superstars on the bat


    @Charlito Mani Pat McAfee brought up a good point. Dwayne Haskins is never hanging around Case on the sidelines. Case might not be a great QB, he doesn’t have the tangibles, but he’s a veteran who has been there and done that and would be a great guy to learn from. If you’re a young QB who is still in the “learning the offense” phase, most of the time you’re stuck to the starter like white on rice, reviewing the film during games and trying to see what went wrong, then going over it with the starter so he can tell you what he sees.

    Pedro schmith

    @Charlito Mani we gotta give it time to see who made the right choice


    @SynsityGW The two are directly competing for a job. Keenum had a very similar final season in college with 48 touchdowns and 5 interceptions. Haskins could show more respect. Hopefully Haskins won’t become Jameis Winston (the Jamarcus Russell is a bit of a low blow).


    @uncoy It’s not about showing respect, it’s about learning more about the offense and learning how to be a pro QB. Haskins should be staying closer to him to try and absorb as much knowledge as possible from a guy who has been around the league and knows a lot about being a professional QB, but on the sidelines he seems like he’d rather be sitting around doing nothing than watching the film. Could just be that when the camera cut to him he was taking a break though, you never know. But while Keenum was watching film in between drives, Haskins was nowhere near him.

    Legend Slayer

    Te Lamb smartass

Muz Kamal

He is a 3-10

Joe Lien

Whats there to break down…

Legend Slayer

My personal breakdown…

JaMarcus Russell never retired


    You never made it so keep that can of beer in your left hand and that remote in your right hand

    Legend Slayer

    GRD7 good point. But still. That might be one of the worst rookie days I’ve ever seen. And before you come after me like a said THE worst, I said *ONE* of the worst.


    @GRD7 you are in no position to tell anyone that they haven’t accomplished anything in their life….I shouldn’t have to tell you that…I’m 14 smh….


    @GRD7 a fan of the NFL can share their opinion on the players…if they ain’t ready for criticism… They ain’t ready for success…

    Charles Black

    He never merited being a 16# pick in the first round. He was so overrated coming out of college, it was ridiculous. The front office want3 him, the coaches didn’t. Sadly, Haskins will be a bust.


Gruden didn’t want to play him but his hand was clearly forced and turns out he was right. Hopefully this shows that QB talent doesn’t win games. Redskins as an entire team has problems.


Gruden really pushed Dwayne Haskins into the Dumpster of the Redskins offense. They need some offensive linemen asap

    Aegon One

    That and Dwayne isn’t ready


Baldy was forced to do this or his paycheck was gonna get blocked 😄. Haskins was god awful.

    K Pax

    The team is bad as a whole, point all you want

    Clickz DooMs

    K Pax wait till we get our line and Dwayne Haskins gets experience

    K Pax

    @Clickz DooMs Oh I can see he has potential but just like at OSU, he needs time to dismantle defenses

Rob G

The answer to how many reps he got with the first team is 0. They set him up on that game. Jay is a buffoon at coaching outside of coordinating an offense. He is over his head. From causing a rift with AP to start the year, to horrible clock management since he has been here, to that abysmal performance yesterday. He is not a head coach.

    Rob G

    @Charles Black this perspective is very hyperbolic. He was one of the best on the board, and we can see his progression demonstrated in the games through the preseason. Arm talent obvious, mobility underrated, strong confidence in self and talent, leadership, pocket presence all there. I dont know what you’re referring to but these are the things that the scouts identified. You obviously didn’t know he got no practice time with the starters all season before being thrown out there as a rookie. What specifics are you referring to that say he is a bust?

    Charles Black

    @Rob G Its funny that media talking heads were bashing the Skins for not starting Haskins after 0-3, then they bash them for putting him in the game against a bad Giants secondary. I’m not saying Gruden handled it right. Also, there were several scouts who were down on Haskins before the draft. He fell out of being a predicted top-5 pick. The Skins coaches didn’t want to draft him. I watched every game he played at OSU. I saw a guy that put up huge numbers against the weaker teams, and struggled in crunch time. When I watch Haskins throw, I think he tends to sling the ball from 3/4 instead of over the top. This leads to overthrown balls and balls that sail on him when he tries to finesse. He reminds me a lot of Jaimis Winston. Will throw a lot of INTs. So, you’re saying to needs to go back to the bench, for how long? Haskins has a great arm, but he’s below average in other needed QB skills. Anyhow, we’ll see how it plays out.

    Rob G

    @Charles Black I noticed you didn’t identify any other QB skills other than release point. Then at the same time you said he has a great arm. That doesn’t exactly match. I didn’t mention any of the stats at Ohio State exactly because of what you stated so that’s fair. But, looking at his Redskins games you see progression with each game in the preseason. Even the interceptions Sunday were him throwing 50/50 balls into 1 on 1 coverage. That kind of mistake makes sense if you don’t know the guy you’re throwing to likely won’t win that. Experience and practice solves that problem, especially when you are use to your receivers winning that battle most times. It is entirely different than Case and Cousins throwing ints to triple and quadruple coverage. Point is Dwayne’s lack of experience constitutes the mistakes he made and are only improved with experience. He has the mindset to bounce back and I think there’s no excuse for not giving him a fair shot to practice and play with the starters. The rest of the QB skills are there when you actually watch him playing in a Redskins uniform.

    Carson P

    @Rob G I’m a redskins fan and I’m pretty sure Haskins isnt going to pan out. Not because he is bad but because Dan Schneider will ensure he has the worst pieces possible around him. The only way the skins do anything is if Schneider sells the team

    Rob G

    @Carson P that may or may not be true. We both hope it isn’t. #HTTR

Fingering Things

Break down Kirk Cousins against any good team

cb saucypa82

In the defense of the young Dwayne Haskins he did not practice or get one snap with the first-team that makes a big difference the coaching staff had no intentions on throwing them in the game he was very unprepared but he still has tremendous upside


    cb saucypa82 I’m smelling some Jeff Fisher/Goff/Vince young vibes with this move. When I heard he had zero reps with the Oline and WRS, I’m thinking why play him? Start him fresh the following week. But like Jeff Fisher Gruden will be ghost after this season…Hopefully.

    Charles Black

    I agree, this isn’t his fault. He never merited being a 16# pick in the first round. He was so overrated coming out of college, it was ridiculous. The front office want3 him, the coaches didn’t. Sadly, Haskins will be a bust.

    chachi mogo

    @Charles Black – What ever he’ll be, he’s still better than cousins!

Ty Smith

Gruden with sabotage Haskins career hopefully he will be gone by the middle of the season.

    Charles Black

    He didn’t sabotage his career, Haskins isn’t going to have a career. Mark it down.

    Anderious Collins

    Charles Black you a hater. I’ve already seen you in multiple comments talking bad about this man

R3D Gaming

Wouldn’t surprise me if Gruden threw him in there to have a scapegoat. “See guys, he sucks too! I was right all along!”

    Vic Wilson

    that is exactly why he did it

    K Pax


    Charles Black

    In this game, Haskins was the backup QB. McCoy was not active, Keenum got hurt. Other rookie QBs ((Kyler, D Jones, Minshew) are doing fine and playing with poise, I don’t see why he wasn’t ready, You pick a guy 16# overall and you expect as much


Tank bowl starts early this year.


*Gruden needs to be fired before he completely ruins Haskins*

    Carson P

    The key is Dan Schneider selling the team

mason h

I wonder if the sad music was intentional

Dominik Wilson

1:42 that ball needs to go to AP, the LB covering the flat is stumbling right in front of you.

janeno sv1000

How do you have acess to these camera angles??

Jiunn Wu

Redskin will have perfect season this year, congret

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