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If the broncos can utilize joe Flacco and Phillip Lindsey correctly maybe if they learn how to do it some rpos I think they can be a wildcard team

    Daniel Salley

    Wild card? I’m saying 6-10 max


    Jay utilize Flacco? Haha poor guy, don’t even realize how bad Flacco is. He won a SB and hasn’t played well since

    Darth Vaper

    @Daniel Salley von miller is looking scary though, I say 8-8, 9-7


    Idk man I feel like we can go 9-7 at best which is probably not enough for a wild card at worst probably 7-9

leGoat is the best player ever of all timer.

Tds Petergoat will score this season

    Rowan Fernsler

    On defense or offense?

    Asserting Word

    Gonna break Mannings record

    Jimmie Johnson 48 Champion

    Peyton Manning, watch out, your record is in danger.


I didn’t know there’s anything to analyze 😂. The guy didn’t do so hot

    Adhy Nugroho

    There’s always something to analyze. I actually thought his decision-making was okay. But his execution is not there yet.

    King Flacko

    @Adhy Nugroho yea his timing was off in basically everything. That will come. Some people just dont know football lol


    @Swagger Coach He might not be fine, why do you *KNOW* he’ll be fine.


I thought that drew lock looked good, but he missed a lot of deep balls but was very accurate on short and medium routes with pretty consistent throw speed.

    Master Butter

    Just a rookie

    Uso Penitentiary

    He missed 3 throws with the RB dropping one


    Some of his short throws the receivers had to go low for them 😂. His accuracy need to improve a lot


    I’m not sure we saw the same game lol

Jay Shah

My mans Noah font


His Hail Mary’s will be 🔥🔥🔥

The Lazy Kid

Drew Lock had a rough performance in this game, but it was his first preseason game in the NFL. Joe Flacco will be a great mentor for Drew Lock, and I think he could be a good starter in at least 2 years from now.


    The Lazy Kid lolol flacco himself said he won’t be mentoring drew. If you can’t complete passes against guys who may not even make the team, you won’t magically take on starters

    JC Jordan

    BaronVonBielski damn that’s the mindset of a selfish loser, not directly saying that’s you or Flacco

    Big White Duck

    Flacco wont mentor him just like Ben wont mentor Rudolph.


    Lock is nothing but a backup or 3rd stringer QB.

Jeremy May

It was certainly not the best start but how could you blame him for having rookie butterfly’s once he irons them out I’m sure he’s bound to be good. Just gotta give him some time

tyler moran

I think the kids gonna be just fine, but I think at the end of the day him being backup to Flacco is for the best for his first season.

    Swagger Coach

    tru dat I am glad Elway is letting him just sit and learn. When his time comes he’ll be ready to play

    The Ladies Man

    Best be ready to play. Flacco can go down at any moment cause he a pocket passer no wheels.

    Ski Pro



    Good luck replacing an injured flacco and winning a game with those Locks throws.

Antonio Kim

Falcons rookie looked way better in my opinion

    Antonio Kim

    Actually I just learned Kurt is not a rookie


    Antonio Kim then edit your comment

Taylor Yoshimura

He has the ceiling of Kirk cousins (which is good, don’t get me wrong here) and the floor of case keenum (which as a floor also… is not bad). I’d say he will have a 8-10 year career with a solid chance to win games👌🏽


    @Nebula Accuracy was always the issue I heard pre draft as well.

    karl da broncos fan

    well he has a lazer arm all he needs is coaching

    The Next One

    Taylor Yoshimura Your analysis couldn’t be much worse. Drew lock is y’all thick and has a cannon for an arm. Accuracy is not his best attribute and his fundamentals are way off. Case Keenum has great fundamentals but not the best talent or decision making.
    Kirk cousins is extremely accurate but has a weak to average arm. But kirks fast. Drew lock is more comparable to jay cutler. Kids athletic with a great arm. It comes down to him working on simple mechanics and fundamentals.


    Kirk cousins has set multiple records and is a top 10 QB so that’s pretty good

    King Flacko

    Those players aren’t locks play style so that’s a bad comparison. Andrew luck or Carson Wentz are more his play style. Mobile with a big arm.


The lack of separation the avg NFL receiver gets is astounding. Really makes me appreciate great route runners like Keenan Allen and Julio Jones.

    Jp Thabeast

    @808bboarder of course lol, when people say oh take the best college team vs the worst nfl team the college team would win, but in reality the nfl team would win 70 percent of the time. The thing is in college not everyone is gonna be in the nfl but in the nfl if you made the team you’ve got talent


    @808bboarder Yeah and I said that. “good-great college” Which equates to roster bubble NFL lool

    Mets 03

    Jp Thabeast The NFL team is winning 100% of the time

    Nick Meyer

    Yeah but when it comes to Julio Jones and Keenan Allen they can pretty much beat you anyway that they want to they can be you at jump balls they can use speed they can use power so many different things that’s why they are so good


    Easelgames You said “would be good-great college team”… they would be dominant to ANY college team. Not on par.

The Ladies Man

Gitters and wasn’t ready. Best tighten up all the screws!

Fernando !

I’m a diehard bronco fan and idk what to think of lock yet, all I can say is the way the ball comes out of his hand is special


Good game by both teams Atlanta had lockdown defense but when Broncos scored the tip drill touchdown we all sold, Drew Locks performance would have been better, here is my protection for both teams records this season.

Atlanta Falcons: 7-9
Denver Broncos: 9-7 (get into playoffs)

Slim Hardaway

The arm talent is definitely there!

James Hartman

I like how everybody in the comments is jumping to conclusions about a preseason game in a system he’s never played with before.

    Richard Aguilar

    James Hartman
    Plenty of QB’s have done great in their first preseason. This guy looked like he should be regulated to third string. I would not put him in a back up position since Flacco might get hurt this season.

    James Hartman

    Richard Aguilar I think he’s 3rd string talent right now but he showed he has a big arm and I think he could be the starter in a couple years

Dalton Bolser

fun guy to watch. its only the first game. pretty sure hes gonna warm up as more games get played. i feel like he will take the starting job later in the season 🤷🏻‍♂️

Robert Harvey

Jersey city Jersey jets football giants super bowl


If people were to go and predict how good players will be by just one preseason game then Nathan Peterman would be a GOAT and not the interception machine that he is.

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