Analyzing DeMarcus “Tank” Lawrence’s Hardest Tackles | Baldy Breakdowns – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Caden Alvis

This guy is a beast

    Jerry Kwerve

    Who’s better him or Mack?


    @Jerry Kwerve macks better at creating sacks but lawrence is better at finishing plays/getting unlikely tackles

    Jason Armenta

    Nice!! Way to be honest

    fai Th

    Love the N­­­F­­­L­­­T­­­V­­­E­­­ Has all the channels I love and I can watch anywhere!

    A.T X



ayy that’s my boiii get your bread tank

    Randy Lahey

    @Grant He just mad these highlights include his seachickens


    @Randy Lahey Lol not the seagulls

    Luis_Is _Goated

    @ka kjj lmao y’all lost 😂

    fai Th

    I came back to N ­F ­­­L ­­­T ­­­V­­­ E­­­ after 2 years and they’ve improved a lot. So far no complaints..


A beast of a player with tremendous footwork! Amazing how hard he play the ball every play

    Ka kjj

    BillNih L

    שמשון הגיבור

    Good. Morning i am. Racei in iaraet🕎✡️🕎✡️👌

    DirtyDanGG CS:GO

    Ka kjj he just mad these highlight include his sea chickens


Ahhh of course in the first Cowboys VS Seahawks clip, Jeff Heath was the first to the carrier… and missed a tackle… of course.

    Anthony Simpkins

    DigBickYTP he’s always in position to make a play and 80% of the time he doesn’t


    DigBickYTP Lol 😂🤣


    @Anthony Simpkins exactly

    Caleb Cineas

    And Lawrence didn’t stay disciplined in his gap which is why the cut back happened lol

Eli R

DeMarcus is a beast, but he completely lost contain on the first play. That’s why he had to chase him down

    D X

    Did you expect to just stand in C gap after he saw the hand off?


    I played defensive end and never loss containment because I had 4.7 speed but our other defensive loss it all the time but had 4.5 speed so he could always recover like Lawrence just did

    Eli R

    D X once it was clear that Russel Wilson did not have the football DeMarcus’ responsibility is contain/edge. I’m not saying he should remain in the C-gap the entire play. I’m saying he left the C-gap too early which provided the RB a cut-back lane

    muddymetel head

    D X yah that’s doin ur job

Ross Press

Please do more of these! More player’s and all positions

isaac Thao

Everyone: potato

Weird people: potahto

Baldy: potahtah


Timothy C.

Baldy Breakdowns is becoming my favorite part of NFL Films

Action Zach

Great video! Really details the beast that Tank is!

jerome roberts

In madden 20 this man is honestly a tank🔥

Thomas Trapasso

This guy is so good he’s fast a hard hitter and one of the best d lineman in the league

Alejandro Frade

Baldy should narrate my GPS.

    jarrett carroll

    I wish he’d narrate my life


sooo we finna ignore vanders ankles getting broke😂


This lawrence is a real man ..i love his hair

Josh Wall

That first play was a screw up by allowing the rb to get around him as the DE


I cannot wait to be there Live September 8 At At&t Stadium 🙃

Land Lord

That was probably LVE only miss tackle of the season 🤦🏽‍♂️😂😂😂😂



Toni W

This is a cornerstone player for the HOT BOYZ df, fast, physical, effort, RM defense is too notch, HOF player have even benefit from old school teaching

brian harley

if he’s so good, why does he have 0 sacks against the Eagles. Lane Johnson and that Eagles offensive line smack him around annually.

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