Analyzing Daniel Jones’ Second Preseason Start | Baldy Breakdowns – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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03 AI Reply

I like this video but I don’t like his voice

vSqizzie TV Reply

Wait till he gets saquan its over

    Tony Williams Reply

    Facts. Especially when Shepard & Tate come back

    SlobOnMyBroccoliRob Reply

    Tony Williams you mean Shepard and engram. Tate played both weeks

    Tony Williams Reply

    Yeah I know. Tate is suspended to start the season

    Tony Williams Reply

    But once everybody is eligible to play and Jones starts, we lit

Jackson Davies Reply

This video already has one dislike. Someone has notifications on just to dislike this video.

    Ya_Dig Reply

    Jackson Davies honestly, like what’s the purpose

Christina Ho Reply

I swear every time I come here early, all I see in the comments section or the dumbest most idiotic comments that have nothing to do with the video.


Once he gets control of his nerves and irons out the jitters, Jones is gonna do some WORK. #DannyDimes #DamnDaniel

    Broken Dream Gamers Reply

    Yea against second and third stringers 😂😂

Won Reply

Jones greater than Haskins

    Gerret Outdoors Reply


    Broken Dream Gamers Reply

    Gerret Outdoors where???

    Chidozie Osuji Reply

    Look at what haskins did compared to DJ haskins obviously the better qb

    Chidozie Osuji Reply

    JK haskins looks like black marc sanchez

elchucofried Reply

Own The Day

YT dwaring285 Reply

Giants- we want a good reliable quarterback because Eli is getting older

Daniel Jones, kyle Lauletta, and alex tanney- are we a joke to you?

jonelle wilkerson Reply

Dude I love how much you know about the game.Me being a 17 year football lunatic all I do it play and watch football and the detail you give on the plays and routes are incredible dude.And you sound just like my coach which I think is hilarious

Francisco Sanchez Reply

Hey man you should read child books your voice is perfect

    Moses Devadass Reply

    Francisco Sanchez def not he sounds more like a football coach for 2nd graders

Gerret Outdoors Reply

Rookie of the year for sure.

    Sports N Pokemon Reply

    Lol he can’t be rookie of the year if he’s riding the bench.

    Won Reply

    @Sports N Pokemon guarantee he ain’t riding da bench wit Eli as da starter

Jack Trippin777 Reply

I hate to say it but if Jones continues to develop I can see Tony Romo type of play coming from him the Giants might have something and the oline looks much better than last year.,.wr maybe a concern but overall the chemistry is getting there

    TalcoTT Douglas Reply

    Well…it’s kinda hate and love to say it…it breaks my heart with hope and kindness…Danny can help…he’s looking good…

Tony Williams Reply


TalcoTT Douglas Reply

I love Eli and I like Daniel.. GOING BLUE IN THE FACE! Yeah!

erick Rodriguez Reply

Lol. He analyzed a defense without

Q Mack Reply

As an eagles fan Daniel Jones looks pretty damn good

erick Rodriguez Reply

No Khalil Mack no ith n trevathan no Hicks no Eddie Jackson LMAO y’all bored don’t hype a bum like y’all do every year 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Bobra Power Reply

    erick Rodriguez no saquon, no sterling shepard, no Evan Engram

Choppy Beats Reply

Baldy rules!!!

caelen feeney Reply

You should analyse the running backs this pre season

Mike Mercedes Reply

Daniel Jones is looking good so far. Hope he keeps it up!

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