Analyzing Chris Godwin and Mike Evans in Week 2 | Baldy Breakdowns – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

It sounds like he recorded this in the shower

    Webster Kollie

    It does 😂

    Moe Snert

    Or while on the can😂😂😂

    Max Power

    Baldy’s Bathroom


Eagles are winning the Super Bowl this year to unstoppable

Noah Bauer


Leo Jones

They really need to get baldy a new mic


Go Tampa bay bucs! like if you want the bucs to wear the orange 🍊 uniform:-)

Myles Garrett

Jameis is looking good compared to last week I hope he turns out good and at least reaches 50% of his potential man

    Moe Snert

    Myles Garrett he looked uber NFL caliber last night with his passing game.

    Myles Garrett

    Moe Snert I just hope he continues to go up I’ve been rooting for him since he cam out from FSU


    he looked aight. he still missed on a lot of big throws, especially to Evans. i just wished Arians would start calling the plays cause i don’t think Leftwich is adjusting enough, especially when it comes to adjusting for pass protection and pressure.

    A cat is fine too...

    Last week he was under siege. San Fran just rushing 4 were getting to him.

    Jay Els

    bvbxiong players drop some good passes to tho. That’s the nfl. Every week qbs miss big throws.

Alex Gutkowski

Jesus was he using a Xbox connect mic

rippetoe 38

*When you realize Gerard McCoy is a Panther.*

Tiberius Rage

The Panthers are going to have a horrible season

Zareh Kantzabedian

Baldy said it too. Get OJ involved!

Shea Mac

godwins third year smart guy

PUPPIES STORY - killingtime

sound????? Does it sound strange to me?

jethro bonilla

:53 Mike Evans was gone.

Roman Egan

This the nfl? Or a student film?

Adi Swara

amazing movement


How do you let a man record a breakdown from a subway tunnel and think it’s good enough to put up on the official channel?

Nemanja Karac

Bucs need a new qb


Mike Evans is a BEAST. Huge weapon on offense.


I was hoping to see the Evans missed TD chance. I missed that play during the game.

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