Analyzing Chris Godwin and Mike Evans in Week 2 | Baldy Breakdowns – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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def48gaming Reply

It sounds like he recorded this in the shower

    Webster Kollie Reply

    It does 😂

    Moe Snert Reply

    Or while on the can😂😂😂

    Max Power Reply

    Baldy’s Bathroom

ClutchNB Reply

Eagles are winning the Super Bowl this year to unstoppable

Noah Bauer Reply


Leo Jones Reply

They really need to get baldy a new mic

YourDADDY.ac16 Reply

Go Tampa bay bucs! like if you want the bucs to wear the orange 🍊 uniform:-)

Myles Garrett Reply

Jameis is looking good compared to last week I hope he turns out good and at least reaches 50% of his potential man

    Moe Snert Reply

    Myles Garrett he looked uber NFL caliber last night with his passing game.

    Myles Garrett Reply

    Moe Snert I just hope he continues to go up I’ve been rooting for him since he cam out from FSU

    bvbxiong Reply

    he looked aight. he still missed on a lot of big throws, especially to Evans. i just wished Arians would start calling the plays cause i don’t think Leftwich is adjusting enough, especially when it comes to adjusting for pass protection and pressure.

    A cat is fine too... Reply

    Last week he was under siege. San Fran just rushing 4 were getting to him.

    Jay Els Reply

    bvbxiong players drop some good passes to tho. That’s the nfl. Every week qbs miss big throws.

Alex Gutkowski Reply

Jesus was he using a Xbox connect mic

rippetoe 38 Reply

*When you realize Gerard McCoy is a Panther.*

Tiberius Rage Reply

The Panthers are going to have a horrible season

Zareh Kantzabedian Reply

Baldy said it too. Get OJ involved!

Shea Mac Reply

godwins third year smart guy

PUPPIES STORY - killingtime Reply

sound????? Does it sound strange to me?

jethro bonilla Reply

:53 Mike Evans was gone.

Roman Egan Reply

This the nfl? Or a student film?

Adi Swara Reply

amazing movement

Arkayem Reply

How do you let a man record a breakdown from a subway tunnel and think it’s good enough to put up on the official channel?

Nemanja Karac Reply

Bucs need a new qb


Mike Evans is a BEAST. Huge weapon on offense.

Godardfan Reply

I was hoping to see the Evans missed TD chance. I missed that play during the game.

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