Analyzing Brandon Bolden’s Long TD Catch from Week 5 | Belichick Breakdown – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

awesome to see the practice and game utlization

Edward Mccandlish

Nice to hear from the goat GM and Coach !

tree trunks


Michael Pinard

Great breakdown by BB . No mumbling , no sour face , you can see this is what he loves to do especially with someone who understands what he is saying .


    Scott, as a former backup QB and the color commentator for the radio broadcasts, loves the team and understands the nuances of the game. Obviously, the approach to this is, what would BB like to highlight this episode? It’s friendly and insightful.

Sarge Swagg

What a great ply by Brady. Elusive and superlative throw, on the $$$$

Ivory Billed

Pats will sack Jones 12 times Thursday night.

Matt L

31 coaches studying Bellichick studying film.

Austin Ahern

Another great win by the Patriots!!! They have started off amazing this season!!! Let’s keep it rolling!!! Let’s go Patriots!!!

Douglas Sirk

haha Bill loved that double-team sack at the end. by the way, I still don’t understand how Colt McCoy is an NFL quarterback. He wasn’t even good in college.

    Fred Thompson

    Douglas Sirk …..maybe just a good quarterback name. šŸ˜

    6SBWs&Counting FukDaHaters

    Dumb comment. He was a very good College quarterback. Just didn’t make it as an NFL qb. Brady Quinn, Vince Young, Ryan leaf there are many examples of very good to great college qbs not making it in the pros


I hope copies of these videos are going into a vault in the nuclear bunker deep underground in Canton.


One thing i really noticed during the game was Bill constantly taking notes, you rarely see other coaches do that. Bill does it all the time. All ways noting holes in there game plan and execution as well as ours.

Eman Paul

Izzo and Winovich showed up in earn them a role in this game Sony catching out the back field now BOOMTOWER and Bennett rushing QBs is a nightmare good job guy
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I could watch these all day

Transient Curse

I always challenge people who criticize BB’s treatment of the media to watch these. Theee segments a week on All Access for just about his entire tenure with the Pats, and you get way more out of him than you’d ever believe. He will talk X’s and O’s all day long. This is what its all about for him, nothing else.

    Greg Hansen

    Indeed, he’s singularly focused on football. I wouldn’t be surprised if BB was on the spectrum. He’s a football savant and you can see his love for the sport when he does a deep dive into X’s and O’s. I love these segments

Russ Hartman

Motto #2 at one Patriot Place: Next man up.
Rex was unable to go on Sunday, Brandon steps up…….results are the same.
See folks, it’s really not that hard.

The Dynasty Continues

This defense is truly something special to behold each week. Vast difference from the past few years to this year. Belichick works wonders with “less than” … but when he gets some gifted athletes with talent…. you truly get to see how genius he is.

He is to football what “Mona Lisa Vito was to cars”

    Manuel Panaguiton

    Marisa Tomei in My Cousin Vinny

Charly Gr. v.L.

Bill, in the first half – we have been a bit restless, but luckily there was the “half-time break” and the guys (“O”+D) had come back to the field very “motivated”.
Thank you so much that Jakob was able to play again, which is understandably very pleasing to us. Our best, best wishes for Thursday.

    6SBWs&Counting FukDaHaters

    Sometimes I wonder if when Pats have a bad first half if Belichick just sits there for 15 minutes and stares at them. Not saying a word. That’d be enough to motivate me

    Charly Gr. v.L.

    @6SBWs&Counting FukDaHaters šŸ˜‚šŸ‘

Tom Cleaveland

“That’s not what you want to see as a quarterback” šŸ˜€

Kimberly Peacock

I love how BB develops defensive plays. It’s like studying a grandmasters chess game against another master. It is what makes the game appealing to me. It’s an invisible game that most people do not understand or see. On both offense and defense. It’s a game as much about strategy and thinking as athleticism.

Al Fredo

“That’s….um….well… [QB gets absolutely destroyed on a sack]…yeah.”

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