Amari Cooper Provides Update On Foot Injury | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Big up Amari!! Glad you are on this team player.

lasay inchrist Reply


    Kamryn Vanatta Reply

    lasay inchrist Amari “I drop balls” Cooper

    Asmodeus Reply

    Kamryn “I gargle balls” Vanatta

    IncogNito Revived Reply

    @Asmodeus I suspect that lil gal Kamryn is more the lickety split type.

da Star Reply

Hopefully he’ll heal well and go on to a great season. Go Cowboys!

Blaze Gilbert Reply

Yessir coop 💯💎💎

Epic.popsickle Reply

Bartle doo

Jerome Ross Reply

Amari Cooper really impresses me with his attitude.A great route runner an outstanding talented player overall I’m so happy &excited about our receiving corps

Henry Hill Reply

Take much time as you need. Cooper is the truth and Dallas needs him.

MrTdollarsign Reply

I want him to be healthy, but I hope this is not a issue during the season, I know how those foot injuries can be a little tricky, the last thing is we need is for Cooper to have this as a lingering problem.

Fernando Ramirez Reply

Raiders fans wish AB had Amari’s attitude

    Fernando Ramirez Reply

    @J A exactly idiot don’t listen to the media… All your trash talk is based out of the media u see.. Let me guess. You were at cowboys training camp lol.. Don’t listen to the media.. It will make u look like a clown… 🤡🤡🤡

    J A Reply

    Fernando Ramirez I don’t watch media 🤡 first talk about your team falling apart at least AB is now playing with a helmet he loves now and he is ready to play against packers tomorrow 🤡 goodbye Zeke time to trade u for 4th round pick and screw the cowgirls one again 😂😂😂😂😂

    J A Reply

    Anthony Arellano no bruh we a 11-5 team bruh y’all are now going 2-14 kellen Moore who that dude haven’t step in a real regular season game watch the cowgirls fail with kellen Moore 🤫🤡

    Fernando Ramirez Reply

    @J A lmfao wtf.. Ab bitching over a helmet lmaooo… Good luck with his frost bite feet lol… 😂😂😂😂😂…

    J A Reply

    Fernando Ramirez dumbass his foot is clear u dumbass cooper injury is the same as nick bosa one mistake and he will be injured for the whole season 🤷🏻‍♂️

Greg Holland Reply

It’s time for Michael Gallup to shine

    Lava LifeGuard Reply

    He will if Dak can ever learn to throw the long ball! Gallup had to stop, turn around and wait for the ball against the Rams

    Asmodeus Reply

    Lava LifeGuard ever heard of a back shoulder fade? If he led Gallup he would’ve gotten laid out by the safety

    troy wilkerson Reply

    @D B all he does is win and everybody wants to hate

Joshua Holley Reply

“I had a thousand yards a plantar fasciitis foot”

Talk yo shii coop 🗣


Haha “I mean I had 1,000 yds with a fasciitis foot so no I’m not worried”
Daing lol 😎💪🏽😂💀

Luis Navarro Reply

I wish zeke had the attitude of my friend Amari.

Tudogz Fawking Reply

He got that new contract moneycant plant foot injury. Cocaine is ah hell of a drug.

jeremy x Reply

Did y’all hear that people?!?
He had a 1,000 yards season his rookie year in the NFL with plantis flesyitus
Did it stop him his sophomore in year at Bama when he first suffered from the same ailment

No need to panic

Get well ASAP Coop

Peace ☮️ out

Erik Hopkins Reply

Amari is like “yall better extend this contract before Julio signs.”

Jared Grimes Reply

His attitude is says a lot and it puts me at ease

BravestWinter Reply

Get better Amari Cooper, your team and fans needs ya to win the Super Bowl and get that ring!

Martin Munoz Reply

This guy reminds me of Kawhi Leonard like talking to the reporters

Billy Hill Reply

don’t ask Prescott was putting a ball in a certain spot he don’t know it just goes there that’s the way he throws it throws it it just goes worse going to go

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