Amari Cooper: Opportunity Meeting Preparation | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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lasay inchrist Reply





I bet a raiders fan hating with the thumbs down

    Bigtyjme Reply

    FRANK DREZ there isn’t any thumbs down bih

    FRANK DREZ Reply

    Lol when I watch the video there was 1 dislike

    FRANK DREZ Reply

    I bet us was you

    NEMoretime Reply

    Raiders fans are too busy giving thumbs down on their own channels.

    laidbacc9 Reply

    Should be over it by now…they’re punching the air cuz AB is gone lmao

CT Bound Reply

There’s always that one reporter that ruins the whole interview. He done said months AGO he not worried about the contract. Stop asking about it. How about we ask more questions on how active the offensive plays are. All the movements and new schemes. Instead of contacts.

asphyxiafeeling Reply

Amari Cooper a #1 WR without the usual diva ego

    laidbacc9 Reply

    @Anthony Castillo Almost forgot about T.O…other than them 2 that’s pretty much it

    david z Reply

    Yeah but Jo was a diva too

    Big T Reply

    @laidbacc9 Micheal Irvin was definitely a diva

    Iammissjones 7 Reply

    🤞🏾🤞🏾🤞🏾 Let’s hope he stays that way!

    Big T Reply

    @Iammissjones 7 exactly… the team looked good on Sunday

No Fakers Recordz Reply

Big contract coming for coop

Notorious B.U.G. Reply

He’s cocky in the most humble way man I love I live defense but Coop is my favorite player

Ricky Kester Reply

I love everything about Cooper he’s a stud on the field and says all the right things great talent and humble

Michael Hawkins Reply

I love Amari Cooper, there are so many great things about him that make him a great teamate and other things. I really like how he explained that yeah, we got this win, but we cant become complacent and let the win get to our heads and the next game we come out playing like crap. I am glad he said that, because that happens to alot of teams and they start losing. So humble :).

Snoop Brown Reply

So glad he acknowledged that some teams do really well & then come back & not do so good…. Staying grounded will get us to the Superbowl…

Joshua Romero Reply

Man Cooper Is So HUMBLE!
#Let’s All Jump In Tha COOP & Ridee

flashye123 Reply

I’m expecting a press conference in a few days with Amari and Dak sitting in between Jerry and Stephen lol.

Charlie Salazar Reply

Around week 3-4 Zeke will be feasting 😛

    Runs with Bulls Reply

    True. Since Zeke entered the league, he has never had a big opening day game.

    Jesse Sherman Reply

    Shoot next week I see him having 100 yds he wants a rushing title just for his persona

Ernie Estrada Reply

You had a good game man I hope you have a better one against the redskins🐂🐃☝️🤠

steal threaded Reply

Media did this man a disservice with the way they characterized him before he got to dallas.
Fine young man.

Cathy Leatherman Reply

Kisses and hugs ! Many thanks to a great receiver ❤️

da.aii Reply

I’m rooting for you Coop. You deserve to get paid.

NCC1701K Reply

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give to you the Anti-Diva!

FooCards88 Reply

This dude just makes me laugh with his demeanor. He’s a good guy

Kalel311 superman Reply

Thank you Raiders for giving Amari Cooper to the Cowboys

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