Alvin Kamara Finishes Strong w/ 169-Yd Night! | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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MRTUPAC 28 Reply

Falcons, Panthers and Bucs fans eat your hearts out.

Dylan McCoy Reply

Didnt know sonic played in the NFL but damn he’s FAST 💨

Sim ? Reply

Alvin is a beast! Enough said!

Breezy Brees Reply


    Israel Doe Reply

    @Gregory Fuller and by the way saints line is a passing line not a line built for running. Got to look at the game as a whole

    Gregory Fuller Reply

    The saints line is built for both

    Israel Doe Reply

    @Gregory Fuller no it isn’t. Our line does not get to the second level fast. When do you see saints linemen up field blocking safeties? Our tightends and wrs do that for us. Our line good at standing the line up at the first level

    jarvis batiste Reply

    Jay Ant if you read what he posted AK41 is his number 1 back not Zeke 🤦🏽‍♂️ and Barkley way better than Zeke

    Denzel Washington Reply


B.Allen Reply

AK41 is Marshall Faulk 2.0. 🏈🤲🏿⚜⚜⚜⚜⚜⚜⚜

    Timo Cruz Reply

    I like that but this is a little less known comparison but i think he’s a bigger, slower (striaght speed) Clinton Portis with better hands and route running. Their running styles are similar.

    Krew Grrr Reply

    I just realized if he was 47 he’d be AK47….that would be DOPE

Billy Conforto Reply

Will def be the richest RB come 2021! Beast! Who dat!

    TeMpT Monsta Reply

    @Patrick Bronske no hes not like kamara at catching the ball at all. Quit boosting saquon pls just hop off his nuts. I’m a cowboys fan and I can agree with him being a pure ball carrier like Zeke, but don’t compare Lamaras versatility to any player unless you see them breaking cornerback’s ankles on routes and making them look like high schoolers. Never do that please never ever disrespect AK41. Again im a cowboys fan and I think Zeke is the best running back but most versatile and best hands for a running back is AK41 by far and saquon is nowhere near that level.

    Patrick Bronske Reply

    TeMpT Monsta bro I understand where u coming from but Kamara plays under a much better coach and with a much better QB and overall team so it’s easier to use him that way. Saquon can catch and run routes as good as any RB in the league rn. He had 91 catches with OBJ and Sterling Shepard Evan Engram as receivers competing for targets and a horrible Oline and QB situation last year. It’s hard to compare being versatile for one of the best teams to one of the worst.

    fidel syrianoudis Reply

    Patrick Bronske it’s not close lol you don’t understand how special Kamara is he could be a legit slot receiver. Kamara has the best balance since prime LT. honestly he is like a stronger version of LT

    fidel syrianoudis Reply

    Patrick Bronske lol if Kamara was on the Giants he would play wildcat and slot and still thrash defenses everywhere

Chinese J.R. Reply

The way he breaks tackles at his size amazes me Everytime I watch him

    Timothy Washington Reply

    Strong Legs, that’s why he’s always doing balance training in the off season and he’s definitely not small but looking at him tonight, looks like he’s put on some more muscle and his skill set deceives alot of people but he does both running between the tackles and receiving very well


    Timothy Washington facts

    Lane Gaspard Reply

    Chinese J.R. Wym at his size he’s almost 220

    Jay Woods Reply

    Chinese J.R. Bruh he’s lean not small 😂🤡

Tan Nguyen Reply

Man. Some of those runs were like, “how the hell did he get away.” Who dat!

    Blake Patterson Reply

    His break tackle in Madden should be 99.

    Code Red Cuts Reply

    Blake Patterson idk how it’s not🤦‍♂️

Space Ghost Skaduwee's Perspective Reply

I swear he oils up his body or something so defenders don’t get a good grip on him. I can’t explain how he breaks so many tackles like that.

    quan Brooklyn kid Reply


    lance Kelley Reply


    UnlistedHD Reply

    I’m not gonna act like I know but I think I remember players talking about him say he makes his body limp so defenders just slide off riding there own momentum

    stretch141000 Reply

    His balance is freakish

    Joey Villarreal Reply

    just arm tape but that can’t be an excuse not to lay him down with a hit. he just won’t go down.

quan Brooklyn kid Reply

Alvin Kamara remind me of Le’Veon Bell… with their patience with running the ball, nd having good hands to catch the ball…

Ankur Solanky Reply

He turned on the rocket boosters for that acceleration at 1:03!

    Jay Green Reply

    runs with so much balance🧘🏾‍♂️⚜️

    TY BEAUTÉ Reply

    legends have it that he isn’t running – he’s actually gliding in the air 😂

    dfite24 Reply

    The InvictusSamaritan there’s no way he runs a 4.68 lol

    Ankur Solanky Reply

    @Number24AllDay Acceleration and speed are different. You don’t need stamina to accelerate.

    Zooted504 Reply

    He got faster!!

Itz Toxic Reply

This mans balance is unmatched

Ginga Reply

His balance and core strength is on another level. Barkley is the only RB I’d take over him and I still prefer Kamara because he’s got more swag.

    Ol'Dirty Bastard Reply

    Ginga and honestly he’s a better pass catcher than Barkley. Kamara could be a slot receiver.

    Tim Michael Reply

    @Ol’Dirty Bastard Facts. I believe if Kamara truly put in work at slot he could be one of the best slots in the game. I could be wrong but I’m almost positive he looks faster this year.

    Phillip Bergeron Reply

    Tim Michael dunno if he’s faster but his 3rd year making it look easy. He’s definitely more comfortable and confident on whatever he does!

Johnny Wolf Dalcour Reply

It won’t be long until he become the NFL’s best RB

    Eamon Moore Reply

    already is dog

    NiNeFlyerr Reply

    @Eamon Moore saquan then Kamara

    Eamon Moore Reply

    @NiNeFlyerr thats fair. I personally think kamara but if u put saquon on the saints hed probably be a little better than alvin.

Ramon Bieniemy Reply

Kamara is not undersized nor small the man 215 😭

True Colors Reply

Kamara i suspected for a while now is best R.B. today sure helps that thought along

CobaltScout56 Reply

This dude is so fun to watch. So slippery and well-balanced

lawrence ductan Reply

The NBA right now is in the era of great guards and the NFL is in the era of great running backs🔥🔥🔥🔥


Best all around player in the league

Money Blaise Reply

This dude is my favorite player even though ima Chiefs fan he’s just a dawg and his drip is too nice

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