Alshon Jeffery Mic’d Up “It Wasn’t Pretty, but We’ll Take it” | Eagles Audible – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Shadow IOS

Jeffery going to everybody
I’m mic’d up bruh

    One Above All

    I guess he is warning them so they dont cuss or say something crazy. But dont these clips get edited regardless

    Drew Williams

    Alshon ain’t no snitch, gotta let em know.


    Warning teammates so they don’t say anything… that’ll get em in trouble.

    Shadow IOS

    MagnumDB k


he runs so slow but somehow he gets open and catches the ball LMAOOO

    Marquis Scott

    He makes great cuts like ertz he’s not really meant to be a speed receiver. And most of his routes are short to mid


    He is faster than he looks.


    So 4.4 forty is slow now?

    Marquis Scott

    @CaptainAmerica322 everyone’s faster running straight jhon Ross is the fastest in the league yet he’s not that much of an impact player. But on the other hand route running is more agility and timing which alshon is great at. That combined with his sized he’s a problem for a secondary even when he isn’t getting the ball

Eagles champs 1

Alshon Jeffery is best for Carson wentz’s career love Alshon Jeffery


Alshon barely talks hahaha

    Nick W

    He’s so chill, absolute workhorse and humble guy. Absolutely love him as our #1

Carolina Howard

💖Eagles 🦅 Went To WORK this WeeK🌈💋 …..

“It wasn’t Pretty but we’ll Take iT”

Chris Brown

Alshon is the anti diva WR and I love that about him. So glad he’s a Eagles💯


Offense scored 14 and was like “aight imma head out”

    Ashlee Woods

    It was enough tho 🤷🏿‍♀️😂

Brittany Garrison

Don’t curse around me. I’m mic’d up man.

AJ Smith



“Hell yeah O”

Major van winkle

yes, mic up the quietest guy on the team


    No he was just being conservative because he was mic up. Most of them do that, but only the cocky sons bitches act a fool mic up


    @ejones9924 it’s a well know fact Alshon is very quiet and tame demeanor

Nick DeVirgiliis

Ok I love Alshon more than any other eagle but we can mic someone else up next time lmao 😂

Steps R My Everest

The quiet assassin…

Anthony Otero

I’m mic’d up bro

Jim K loves the WAY

Alshon doesnt talk enough to warrant a Mic Up.

Alex Lopez

Not a single soul:
Not a single atom:
Jefferey: Im mic’d up bro

Michael Clay

Love Alshon but worst guy to mic up the quietest on the team

Darth Vix

Alshon telling the little girl he mic’d up 00:19

Naquonn Harvey

You can tell he still not all the way healthy

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