Allen Robinson II: We want to go out there and put up points – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Basic Bossman

A Rob the most humble baller out there, this offense gon take off

DeAndre Irving

Let’s go man bear down


A consistent Big Target, that got it done time and time again Way to go Robinson!!! 🐻⬇

PHILosophy 1990

A Rob does it the RIGHT way. A true professional.

Blue Bird

A Rob is our biggest threat on offense.


A Rob looking, and sounding like top #1 receiver! Bear Family!

Elias Martinez

Very humble guy🐻⬇️

Lamuel J Sackson

Humble man ain’t the diva like AB thank the lord for that lol but Mitch needs to stop staring ARob down tho there’s 2 or 3 other receivers to get the ball to

Chicagoempire 91

I remember Booger said the Bears don’t have a number one receiver

A ill

Best wide receiver in the bears in my opinion, always makes plays they don’t use him enough they haven’t used him to his full potential.. we have a good offensive team but they have to get rid of trubisky if they want to be a real Super Bowl team those wide receivers stats are going to go down and so will their value in the nfl don’t let this good team go to waste get Brett Farve somebody in there to mentor trubisky do something I wanna see our wide receivers go to work and do as much as the defense is doing cus the talent is there on both sides

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