Allen Robinson II talks about the offense ready to breakout – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Emperor Penguin

Chicago finally got a dominant(and healthy, lookin at you Alshon) #1 reciever

Jay Bird

This guy is great!

SUN Taurus9

Yea! Monday tru-b & receiver core will put on a dominant show. I feel it coming. Showtime now. Bear Down chi-city….


    Yeah they will finally play a lesser Defense. Packers and Broncos Ds are damn solid

    Jon micheal

    Trubisky is a B qb at best


Damn can they stop with Eddy Questions. I know what he did is amazing and solidified his role but chill.


Damn this Chicago media is making my boy Al sweat badly.


    George Franklin

    You have about 12 mouth breathers in his face 🤣

Drake Bell

Just remember Bears fans, kickers do miss from time to time. Let’s not throw Pineiro under the bus IF he ever does. Proud of him though, that was a hell of a kick.


    @Ken W. Lets see him do it in Chicago in winter time when it counts

    Ken W.

    @PRHILL9696 I see where you’re coming from and the winters here adds an increases level of difficulty. Hopefully the kick in Denver boosts his confidence and help him mentally when that time comes.


    @Ken W. We will see. He just reminds me so much of Cody

    Ken W.

    I can see why some ppl think that. As a Bears fan, I have more confidence in Piniero than Trubisky. Mitch is my only concern for this team. Piniero can get better through trial and error. Mitch lacks the fundamentals to be a great QB. He will be the downfall of this team.


    @Ken W. yeah i have always been a Mitch defender, but at this point its getting harder and harder to defend him or have confidence in him

Andrew Beene

Allen “like I said before” Robinson 😆

Jim Samaras

Why doesn’t the kid from Memphis get many throws?


    Jim Samaras he’s prolly not fully healthy still and I heard he doesn’t know the offense well


    Coach is an idiot and uses Patterson more


    They need to use him more, Miller was our receiving td leader last season

    Michael Zorn

    @Issachar we also didnt have ARob much last year and this year miller just seems out of it inconsistent and almost non existent Patterson is still pretty good. I dont think Patterson should be rb status at all. Even Gabriel looks off and half assing routes

Phobos S

These guys all have playmaker ability, including Mitch. As Chicago fans we are very sensitive to QB play since we have had our hopes and dreams shattered by one single position. Mitch knows that. And maybe too much. He needs to get out of his head and trust himself and the guys around him and just PLAY. As fans only we can curtail our emotions and just enjoy the ride.


    Well said

    Mg Shizzle

    @Lethal221 i think the only thing stopping mitch from being a great quarterback is to stop starring at one rec he def needs to break that habbit

    Andrew OLoughlin

    @Mg Shizzle So the only thing holding him back is his ability to read defenses and go through his progressions…. That’s a make or break quality as a NFL QB. Translating that comment, it reads, ‘the only thing stopping Mitch from being a great QB is he has to play the position correctly & he definitely needs to stop being bad.’

    Michael Zorn

    If the offense played the whole game like it was the last minute we would be unstoppable. Mitch and the line always shine the most that last minute

Sinatra Smith

Sky in limit for A-Rob👐

Anthony j

Put sol back on the offensive line move everybody into there original offensive-line spots and let’s play ball BEAR MF DOWN

Aurelio Medina

Pls fans, don’t crucify Eddie when he misses his next one. It’s part of the game

Edward Montoya

Should b breakout yr for ARob if/when Mitch get him tha ball🐻⬇️

Joe Thomas

Damn I really hope so…

Rich Lo

Right now I would hate being a rookie WR on this team.

    Burner Account

    Rich Lo facts 😂

Daniel Rivera

Rogan Is Gonna Pass Out DMT To The Bears.. They are Getting Ready To EXPLODE!

Sean Hoffman

I like Allen Robinson and I’m glad he’s on the Bears. He is however the most boring interview to watch. It’s a toss-up between he and Mitchell Trubisky. Of course, I’d prefer boredom in interviews than becoming a team distraction.

Cornfed Scarecrow

Poor guy he goes from Blake Bortles to Mitch Trubisky . I will say the Bears have taken steps backwards offensively . Meanwhile in k.c do they look like they need a QB or even question his ability ?

Cornfed Scarecrow

Where would this team be without the defense ? 0 & 2 its pathetic for an offensive coach and a qb drafted with the # 2 pick.

Space Monkii

Really want to go to 6 Flags right now with all this roller coaster talk

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