Allen Robinson II Mic’d Up vs Vikings | “That’s what we like” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Rudy Bernardino

Raiders here we come

Person In Space

We tortured them with our second string defense. Just imagine what we’ll do to the raiders

    Nathan Spratley

    Was not the “second string” defense stop. Akiem Hicks and Bilal Nichols were not playing. That’s it.

    Neddy Foee

    Smith was out too. gaberial was out as well…

    Nathan Spratley

    Neddy Foee You’re right I forgot about Roquan. Gabriel however is a wide receiver.

    Person In Space

    Nathan Spratley some of our best defensive players were out and we still did great is all Im trying to say


    @Nathan Spratley Overall Bears missed key guys, Roquan Smith, Mitchell Trubisky, Taylor Gabriel, Akiem Hicks and they still controlled the game easily against what was thought to be a good Vikings team.

Spirit Bros

Attention bears QB’s: get #12 the ball in the end zone

First name Paris

That’s what we like that’s what I like checks over stripes ah ah boom

v Playmakin


Bear Down

Love having Robinson as our number one receiver. If he had a QB like Brees or Rivers he would be a top 5 WR in the whole league.

John Froelich

Travathan: ” i fight for you, you fight for me…” Terrific


Got to get this man some touchdowns

P. to the A.

Should change the title to: Jeff Joniak Mic’d up vs Vikings

Because Allen Robinsion doesnt talk lol. Silent but deadly.

    Abboye Lawrence

    P. to the A. When watching the game he was yappin at Xavier Rhodes plenty of times but it probably wasn’t appropriate enough for then to include. Shame too, cause I was looking forward to hearing it.


    @Abboye Lawrence especially after that PI call on him I’m sure there was some fowl language lol


I saw Ridley a few times. I wanna see him play too!

Darth Vaper

Yesssssirrrrrr, bear down! Anyone know the end song that always plays for this channel?

Pablo Moreno

He is becoming a tremendous threat

The bears are winning the sb

We’re winning the Super Bowl

Clare Logue



I love our receivers coach lmao he gets so hype


I can’t believe A Rob doesn’t have a TD yet, he deserves it the most. He’s our best receiver hands down and I hope we resign/extend him.


An absolute stud right here. Glad he’s a 🐻

Dillavedder X

Monsters of the Midway = Anarchy in the UK !!!!! 💂‍♂️👊🐻👇💂‍♂️

Ren Dog

Love Allen Robinson he’s a BEAST!!!! CHICAGO TOUGH!!!!!! VERY AGGRESSIVE ITS OUR TIME LET’S GO BEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!🐻


I Love our WR Allen Robison 🔥🔥🔥 a real boller and no Diva bs he is all about team and hustling.
Lets go Bears!!!!

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