All 31 Touches By Le’Veon Bell In Week 2 Vs. Cleveland | New York Jets | NFL – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Nick Hunter

Good lord can we please open up some holes once in a while?? Completely wasting Bell’s talent. He can’t do it all by himself.

    Quis 1on1

    We should do what we did last year put a OL men at FB it helped a lot in run game. Imagine being creative putting two OL men at FULL BACK and put two WR on opposite side. So even if they decide to Blitz we got 1on1 on both sides of ball got think ways to make easy on team.

jesse sanchez

Good job Lev! Don’t get too desperate man, Sam is coming back week 5!

clash man

Bell is proving WHY he is THE GOAT at RB! Man is worth every single penny, & has fully embraced being a NY JET baby! I hope Jamal Adams & L-Bell don’t leave The JETS, but if they do, i wouldn’t even be mad at them, can’t blame them one bit!

    donnie reiter

    clash man 👎 Nah, he ain’t no Barry Sanders bro because Bell needs a great offensive line to succeed where Barry had a garbage offensive line and still rush for 2,000 yards in a single season. I like to see Bell do that

Quis 1on1

Why not put 2 OL men at fullback in put 2 WR on opposite side. Bell needs a blocking FB we should put Khalil and Edouga at FB for run blocking have Harrison play Center. It make Bell stats look unreal madden type. Lets be creative. All we need is two WR on opposite side for the run game. 7 OL men on field can block about everyone. Let’s get Bell stats he deserve.

Geo Gil

*31 snaps where the Oline was beat.

    Cameron Trammell

    Geo Gil exactly

Jack White

I know we can’t beat New England this Sunday. However can we please make it some what competitive and find the end zone a couple times? Pleeeeeeease. Also the players on the Jets should feel disrespected being a 23 point underdog. If I was a player I would come out punching people in the mouth.

Dark Demonik

The only highlight the Jets have all season is Bell and its sad

Demo B

Imagine if Bell had the cowboys o-line

okie gamer

Jets need Creed Humphrey from Oklahoma next great Center!

Victory Asher

Kap and Bell in the same backfield? Who would stop them. This would cause fits for defensive schemes.

donnie reiter

Bell should had stayed with the Steelers. They had a better system for him . That is what you get when you hold out

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