Ali Marpet on Strength of Buccaneers’ Offense with Tom Brady | Bucs Beat – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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preston Veteto Reply


preston Veteto Reply


    The RightStuff Reply

    Stood in line for Bucs tickets in 1976 …

    Adam Davies Reply

    I’ve been a fan since 98” all the way from the UK 👌🏻👍🏻🔥

    Luke Mccallister Reply

    Your late to the bandwagon been here since the day i was born 96′

    d D Reply

    TB ,Buccaneers been living that hard knock Life!!!! Until


    D'Tywuan Davis Reply

    Buccaneers you mean

Mr. Smith Reply

Welcome to the Bay

d D Reply

BUCS should be on HARDKNOX

    Luke Mccallister Reply

    They already were

    d D Reply

    Featuring Jay Z and Thomas Brady special guest Bill Belichick
    “instead of treated”……….

    Tristan Huff Reply

    d D already were

    d D Reply

    Eli Navy lol

    d D Reply

    Tristan Huff cool

Rodvillechannell Reply

TB 12 @ TB 813 welcome man!!

Eli Navy Reply

Is there any way we can reconstruct Donovan smith’s contract?

    Edison Ewell Reply

    Eli Navy
    I say you get a new LT, move smith to LG, and move market back to RG

    Kyle Taylor Reply

    Edison Ewell Ali Marpet is our best o lineman so he needs to stay on the left side with the Bucs having a right handed QB

    Kyle Taylor Reply

    Edison Ewell I do agree with getting a new LT but I think Smith will be coming into this season being in the best shape of his life so there is also a part of me that says keep Smith

speaknsee Reply

ALI MARPET can keep him safe. Buccaneers Brady Shark Song needs to add Ali Marpet to the list of weapons. Marpets one of the best in the league. We need to keep him forever.

Logan O. Boyd Reply

These two could be siblings lol

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