Ali Marpet on Offensive Line Play | Bucs vs. Saints Interview Postgame Interview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Bawi Cung Reply


brenda pryce Reply

Oline come on highest paid come onnn

brenda pryce Reply

Oline u need do good all 4 qt

BrutalAsBucs Reply

Inside O line is fine its our Tackles that are the problem

    I Will Rock Your Face! Reply

    BrutalAsBucs bingo! Smith can be good at right tackle I feel. Dotson needs to go and we need a left tackle. Just one line man away from a solid line.

    Biggest Trolll Reply

    I Will Rock Your Face! Don’t give that scrub 76 love he sucks all around…

I Will Rock Your Face! Reply

I will say it again. Can we please cut Dotson and move Smith to right tackle and see if Vea or Suh want to play left tackle when JPP comes back

    Krystian Pawlowski Reply

    I Will Rock Your Face! Why would they ever do that 😂. Vea and suh are talented leave them be

    I Will Rock Your Face! Reply

    Krystian Pawlowski yeah they are and the O line is not and needs more help after JPP gets back. Or we can change nothing and have another losing season.

I Will Rock Your Face! Reply

Marpet is to the Bucs what Joe Thomas was to the Browns. Poor guy.

BuccaneerBruce Reply

Marpet gets it.

Nate Pitts Reply

Bucs O-line: most inconsistent group of players on this team.

rocko17171717 Reply

How much did they pay dsmith? Smh 🤦🏿‍♂️

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