Alfred Morris: I Think He’s Going To Be Awesome | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Andrew Dykes Reply

I ran into Alfred in Lowe’s last week. Now he’s back on the team. Good guy!! Talented guy!!

    Andrew Dykes Reply

    Tristan Blue why is that hard to believe? You must live in a cave! You butt hurt that someone ran into a player. Get you a life.

    Tristan Blue Reply

    Andrew Dykes it’s a lie

    The Stranger at Night Reply

    @Chino Huerta Yea. They have amazing houses in S.L.

    The Stranger at Night Reply

    @Tristan Blue Hey do you want some of this too! Cuz we can meet in the playground behind the elementary school!

Mandoe Muñoz Reply

Nicest dude in the league

    trillcity922ify Reply

    Mandoe Muñoz clout chasing

    Lava LifeGuard Reply

    @trillcity922ify did you just give yourself a thumbs up? LOL Sure you did!

    M Realzola Reply

    @Lava LifeGuarddid anyone ask you. No we didnt

Interpol Individuals Reply

Welcome back Morris. We missed you in Dallas.

    King SavageE Reply

    Interpol Individuals rite

    JDAWG_972 Reply

    No we didn’t

    pmodel1 Reply

    @JDAWG_972 Yes we did. More depth was needed at the RB position and we now have it….Pollard, Elliott and Morris. Don’t have to run Zek in the ground now

Brandon Kollaja Reply

I hope we keep him, welcome back.

Gilbert Acosta Reply

Thankful for this move. He may not be able to replace Zeke’s running or passing game but he plays solid with our o line and can pickup the blitz which is something rookies like Weber and Pollard still have to learn in the pros. I’m sure Dak is thankful to have a vet to watch his back on passing downs.

    Gabriel avila Reply

    He doesnt have the hands Zeke does but I’ll take it

    Joey Fingaz Reply

    He definitely knows how to run in our zone blocking scheme..

    Juan Guerra Reply

    Pollard have speed n play rb n wr he a playmaker n kick off returns

    Nathan Machado Reply

    He’s not gonna have to replace Zeke, Zeke isn’t gonna sit out of the season

tripp uploads Reply

Zeke better quit bullshitn….he is not Emmitt

    JDAWG_972 Reply

    MrFALLENHER0 are you a crackhead living in Dallas ? E smith was way better

    Chris Jensen Reply

    MrFALLENHER0 Don’t EVEN put Zeke in the same class as Emmitt, I love Zeke but he’s got a long ways to go to be in any all time great convo, hopefully he gets paid and can stay out of TROUBLE.

    Joe Kirk Reply

    Being Better Don’t mean nothing if he don’t play at a high level for let’s say 10 more years. The best ability is availablity lol. He’s on track but don’t get to far ahead of y’all’s selves

    Mario Epharon Reply

    @MrFALLENHER0 we will find out.. Smith is King!

    MrFALLENHER0 Reply

    @JDAWG_972 I live in Dallas , if you don’t realize Zeke is more talented , you may be the crack head bro .

Jose Flores Reply

Welcome Back Morris 🔥😎🤙🏼👏🏼💪🏼👊🏼🙌🏼 Time To Prove You Still Got It ✭

Nuance_Con Reply

He averaged 4.5-4.8 yard/carry we’ll be fine if Zeke takes his holdout into the season him T.Pollard/ Mike Webber will make up the difference by committee 👍🏾 I’ve always loved A.Morris we never should’ve let him walk & now he’s coming back to a healthy O Line 💪🏾 #DallasNation #LetsGo

    Jeremy Stillwell Reply

    Lol thats wishful thinking

    Nuance_Con Reply

    Jeremy Stillwell no that’s called future projections based on factual evidence try again

    Jeremy Stillwell Reply

    @Nuance_Con I’ll try again after a couple weeks without Zeke and ya cryin!!

    Nuance_Con Reply

    Jeremy Stillwell yea good luck w that 👍🏾

Edwin Singleton Reply


RE H Reply

Love Alfred, always a professional.

    Gerry Stevens Reply

    Alfred Morris is a professional.
    -Dave Campo

Clayton bigsby Reply

A True VET !

    Gerry Stevens Reply

    Alfred Morris is a professional.
    -Dave Campo

saleem Ahmad Reply

Great move cowboys experience matters I feel a lot better knowing he’s in the backfield nothing against the rookies

Rodney Mays Reply

Great move by the Cowboys.

Colby Reply

This guy made millions and still drove a 1991 mazda, probably still does. Very smart person and happy to have him back.

    boxing97 Reply

    Colby He says he still has it at 2:38.

The Fixer Reply

Swing that bat Alfred!

    Lava LifeGuard Reply

    I saw what you did there! LOL

thegorn68 Reply

Alfred is the type of guy you always cheer for.

    King SavageE Reply

    thegorn68 rite

Antbeast23 Reply

Not expecting much from him honestly. Just mentor the young guys.

Zeke A Reply

Bring back that homerun swing! Good stuff!!

03scgt Reply

I’m glad we picked him back up.he did great for us filling in when zeke was gone.He’s also one of the nicest guys in the nfl

the beast Reply

I would rather have a hard working level headed player thats about the team more than a talent with no self control

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