Akiem Hicks on the success of the defensive line – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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yehoshua Azose Reply

bear down

Jay Bird Reply

Hes gonna get some sacks Monday night!

    Sean Carney Reply

    Facts! He always plays his best games in prime time

Rio Grand Reply

I love Mack’s game. BUT THIS IS THE CHIEF……🐻👇🏽

X X Reply

Hall of famers on the defensive line, offense looking bad with Mitch. This defense deserves a better QB.

    Electric Reply

    I give MT up to the Vikings game to convince me he’s worthy to be QB for such a great franchise, team and defense in particular.

    Timothy Adams Reply

    We will beat the Vikings…
    Just like last year buddy.

    Chief Daley Reply

    @Electric he convinced his teammates, coaches, and management already that he is the guy at least for the time being. No one cares if you are convinced.

sjorsdude Reply

This man is so well spoken!

Nautilus1972 Reply

Success? Where’s the Lombardi?

Timothy Adams Reply

This definitely chief!!
Aye he the best interviewer for the bears low key. He answers every question like he should. His body language is appropriate towards the media makes the bears look so good professional!! Makes me happy to be a bears fan.

forreal pat Reply


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