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Lance Zeigler

Time to get a DUB!!!

Memyself Here

Need this win. But I’d like to point out last time we went 0-2 we won a super bowl! As the 6th seed. Anything can happen. I love Ben and he was a huge part of my football life last 16 years. But hope Mason lights it up and takes the job.. That hurt to say. Wanted Ben to have an MVP year and win a ring this year just to middle finger AB and Bell and all the other haters..

    Yo Kolbee

    Memyself Here i hope and really hope that we get to that #7 mason will be great… he threw 2 td’s on one of the toughest defenses in the league


As far as I’m concerned, us rooneymen should lose until Trevor Lawrence is in the draft

Scorntalon Gaming

The attack on the trade, every argument begins with “they might have given up . . . ” but none of those include “they might have given up . . . the next draft bust” or “they might have given up the next Artie Burns” …
Point is – Fitzpatrick is a known commodity; draft capital, while highly valuable, involves a lot of risk. The Steelers doubled down on there bet to succeed this season. As a fan of the team/franchise, what more could we ask for? I’d be ticked if they literally just waited this 2019 season out for the draft — that’s a loser mentality.

    Andre Brown

    Only person that’s made sense of this thank you what if mason is the future and we got minka Bush Steve Nelson tj watt that’s something to be excited about in my eyes mason is not proven but let’s think about his abilities to do what Ben just can’t anymore he can extend plays he is mobile and I love his confidence if he takes us to 8and 8 or 9and 7 the backs and wide outs play better the coach’s switch it up and run more and don’t ask him to through 40 times a game we have youth but we have alot of talent I believe we are watching the passing of the torch slowly in front of our eyes father time passes no-one (but Brady) if he has 3000 yards and half as many td’s then picks and we are 500 or better at the end of the year and the defense turns it around what do you think we should do take that AB money and cut ties with Ben take that money and invest in free agency pass rusher maybe another corner or give Ben the team back I’d love hear your thoughts

    Scorntalon Gaming

    @Andre Brown That is the kicker of this all, all the tied up AB money. and Ben is guaranteed on the books till (I think 2021). What I forecast is – they have some real short term play for 2020 because they’ll have Watt and Juju coming to the ends of contracts after 2021. I’d assume they’ll want to extend them after 2020.

    If Rudolph thrives, regardless of love for Ben, its impossible from an organization’s point of view to keep Ben — like a Favre/Rodgers situation (I’m not saying Rudolph is Rodgers). They would nearly have to work some deal out to clear Ben from the books with that sort of money not being on the field.

    I agree with you 100% need a pass rusher. Our guys in the box are great, but they’re aging too – team needs to begin looking for replacements at D-End and along the O-line (~Pouncey won’t last forever)

    Andre Brown

    Thanks for responding and I agree 100 percent with what you said just alot of people seem to not want to move on and rebuild Ben Cam heyword they are getting alot of money and are older I respect what the have done but at some point it’s time to think future and long term goals

    Scorntalon Gaming

    @Andre Brown I can’t seem to find it now, but I recently bumped into an analysis of the Offense’s play this year with Ben. And it boiled down to Ben was playing too skilled for what he had – like spread sets; Wideouts getting one on one but not getting open (other than Juju in the double team).

    I am hopeful with Rudolph they go back to the beginning of Ben’s career – play action to put teams off balance with a balanced run/pass. I’m daydreaming a bit, but wondering if an icon on offense going down doesn’t make more creativity out of the same offense – i.e. Ben isnt there to carry this offense, now its gonna require a lot of folks to take on different roles and if they all wont be better for it

    Kelsey Dortch

    Love this trade… Let’s Go Mase, turn the page

Addison Steiner

We’re talking about the Pittsburgh Steelers. We don’t write off a season after only 2 weeks, NO MATTER WHAT. I like the Fitzpatrick acquisition and I believe in Mason Rudolph.

    Lyno Richyy


    Ben Götze

    Couldn’t say it better. Thats what i love about this organisation. About the real fans. Never give up, be humble, have respect for the opponent and be loyal. Here we go steelers! Season only has begun.


    Addison Steiner exactly when’s the last time our team had a good start to the season but we still contend every year

    Robert Taylor

    You and me Addison STEELER NATION don’t fold for nobody!!!!!!

Roman .Alexis

I agree with this trade for sure. The organization did its homework on the draft. And there was no player that they scouted or researched. That was a better value than Minkah Fitzpatrick right now. Who is a plug in ready to play ready to help now. Then a draft pick that you might have to sit and allow him to learn. Look at Jarvis Jones, Artie Burns and arguably Bud Dupree first round picks that never really developed in the organizations eyes Minkah is better than any DB that’s coming out in the 2020 draft right now. As for a QB I think they’re willing to give Rudolph a chance to see if he pans out.

julian wahly

How you can attack this trade is ridiculous. His whole weak argument is a bunch of maybes. It is like we had two drafts this year, except we know what we are getting the fitzpartrick. I am tired of all the negativity

Steve Spears

Love mason;Man can u imagine Lamar Jackson with this offensive line &talent omgoodness;

Marathon Mogul_

We basically got Bush and Minkah in the 1st round of the 2019 draft 💪

    kaseem abdullah


Matthew Niemann

I have faith in this team. We will come together.

Lyno Richyy


Jim Riebe

So when we go 10-6 you’re going to eat Crow. And you’re both experts? When Maddox went down you said there goes the season. Rudolph is the QB now and probably for 10 years or more.

Isaac Harvison

Oh Rudolph will show what he can do he showed it against sehawks

ev tile

This is a great trade. Steelers are smart. GAME CHANGER.


I believe in the QB , but I just don’t trust our skilled position players to step up and be big time !

Malik ElcoSS454

( It’s The Rudolph Show Now)


I like our players and the moves we’re making. I have hope for our team. We need our OC to throw out Haley’s playbook once and for all, though. Please for the love of everything, screens are not our strength. Stop forcing them.


Ben cant carry the team. Big fan of Mason…he is way better than Kordel Stewart…who we almost went to the Super bowl with..
( if it wasn’t for Tom Brady and Drew Bledsoe )
Here we go.Sterlers.

Do not throw to Moncrief. Bench him. Actually cut him.

Julian Ruvalcaba

Y’all underestimatimg the 49ers. Steelers might get blown out


Jesus Mike is stupid. Does he not realize Fitz was drafted ELEVENTH overall last year? High chance he’ll be better than anyone available no matter where the Steelers pick.

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