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John Sciarrino

I bet she makes them stay in line

Allen Woodall

We need a offensive coach to developed Mason Rudolph . Lincoln Riley would be a great choice and let him pick the staff. And Ben needs to go. We may need a new young general manager.

    MadMalcolm D

    Ben needs to stay…we need to run the ball more. Whether it works or not….we need to draw 8 man boxes. We are predictable….Ben just can’t be calling plays…he calls them like my 8 year old son does in Madden football…long pass..long pass…long pass

    Allen Woodall

    Mason doesn’t have a fifth year option . And they just trade a fifth round pick for a tight end. I agreed with Deion Sanders it’s gonna take three years to rebuild this team. That’s why Ben needs to go. They aren’t winning a Super Bowl with Ben again. It’s time for Mason Rudolph era to begin .

Brian Baer

Why does this guy have a superbowl ring?

    Travis Gunn

    Everyone in the organization get rings and he just happens to wear his.

    Brian Baer

    @Travis Gunn what does he do there

    Travis Gunn

    Brian Baer Long time team reporter

    Brian Baer

    @Travis Gunn you get a ring for being a reporter lol

    Travis Gunn

    Brian Baer Yeah, you get a ring if you work for the team usually. Most staff and faculty get rings.

Carlos Santiago

Connor is allergic to the damn football. Dude fumbles too much and its always at critical moments!!!! Samuels deserves some touches.


    “Conner” had 4 fumbles last season on 280 touches that’s not a dude that fumbles too much. We remember them more because he’s had a couple crucial ones.

    Ryan Maliek

    Losing Munchack REALLY hurt that O line. They look absolutely lost this season.

    Amario Wade

    jw1 Bell never fumbled for Pittsburgh 🤷🏾‍♂️

Randy Farley

I believe our OC,needs to learn how to change the game plan when it’s not working for us.dont wait until the last quarter and then start throwing the ball.

sons of liberty

No, cut Rudolph loose, they didn’t allow him to throw more than 5 yds till the 2nd half. Let the man go, I guarantee you that if you let him throw deep the run will open up.

    Ricky Rice

    Umm Rudolph is the one with the ball. Im sure they had receivers running patterns down the field during the first half. Mason just has to throw it to them

    sons of liberty

    @Ricky Rice nope, all routes were underneath routes. They weren’t even running guys off, a lot of wr screens.

    Ricky Rice

    @sons of liberty u could be right, I wasn’t really paying attention to the routes while watching the game. I do remember thinking, ” why are they throwing all these stupid screens,” but then it seemed like Rudolph kept throwing to the check down guy instead of hittting the receivers in rythme down the field.

    sons of liberty

    @Ricky Rice nope, all the other wr were blocking. The coaches were acting like Landry Jones was back there.

Daniel Kraynak

Dammit…the only answer to this is bring back bubby……or kordell lolol

STEELERS Pittsburgh

Stay positive.
Here we go Steelers 👍

    space boy

    I like your optimism, but the offensive has been awful in pass protection.

Ryan Maliek

We haven’t been able to stop the run in 5 years. Just like we don’t bother to guard the middle of the field. The coordinators need to be able to make in game as well as halftime adjustments. If they can’t/won’t do it, then they need to hit the bricks.


Rudolf strength is downfield . Quit trying to hold him back. Take your lumps let the boy play.

    Josemari Gene Milagroso

    we gotta use that rudolph -> washington connection downfield

Ephesians 5:11

This team and the play calling has been like a soft, mushy, grape.

SDJ 63

Steelers 4-12 this year,need change after the season.

space boy

I think many are underestimating how awful the offensive line have been in pass protection. Mason has had no time to pass the ball.

Paul Buccigrossi

Fichtner and Butler need to be fired. Where is Tuzar Skipper? Why does Ryan Switzer get a hat. Where is Dionte Spencer? You can’t tell me that U. Gilbert would play any worse than Marc Baron. Does Baron know the NFL is a contact sport? How does a full back catch a long ball. Ask Butler because the 49ers FB caught 2 of them.

    Itz Sombra

    Paul Buccigrossi they want and experienced MLB with Bush calling out the plays since Big Binny is injured. That’s the only reason I can think of why he is still there

Paul Thomas

Fictner needs to go!

Mind Business

You must stop the run because that is what is killing this team, especially when a team converts 3rd & long using the run. Getting separation in their one-on-ones is more important, so you can’t fix the run without fixing the passing scheme. You gotta use your assets in the passing game with Washington & Holton by taking shots down the field on the outside and letting Johnson & JuJu work the short areas with the TEs & RBs. Changing how you approach the passing game will open up the run game. It’s unfortunate that Moncrief has the drops, because he has been known to also stretch the field. Bring back Dionte Spencer to help with the short pass game/extended run game. He appears to be much better than Switzer & Moncrief…he also looked like a natural returner.

Dan Kole

3 4 defense has been vulnerable to a strong run attack since I watched them in the 70s. Lots of new faces this year. Rome wasnt built in milliseconds. They will be much better on both sides of the ball soon, I hope. Next 2 games make or break.

Brandon Spicer

Beetlejuice 😂😂😂

Sunny Rothmiller

Just think the Steelers could have had Lamar Jackson and drafted Edmund in round 4 like he should have went in.

Goofy Dog

Steelers 2-14 season , another loss coming on Monday night. hey folks, grab your brown bag masks for the game.

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