Agree to Disagree: Starting Devlin Hodges, what record will win the AFC North | Pittsburgh Steelers – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Agree to Disagree: Starting Devlin Hodges, what record will win the AFC North | Pittsburgh Steelers

Bob Labriola & Mike Prisuta discuss who to start at quarterback this weekend if Mason Rudolph is cleared to play and what record will win the AFC North.

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Devon Brown

Steeler Nation TIL I die

Terry Breedlove

What choice do we have you they are forced to start Hodges. Good thing is he will be just fine the kid has IT. Let the kid loose tell him to play ball 🏈

    Terry Breedlove

    Ellie Gonzales oh I agree Mason is the man to take over from Ben eventually but he isn’t ready yet. Let Hodges take it this week and give Mason some time to heal

    Malik Cunningham

    Terry Breedlove we don’t know who’s starting bro it could be mason or Hodges

    Terry Breedlove

    Malik Cunningham I think Mason needs rest I myself have suffered the same head injury and it takes time. I hope they rest him for his sake and ours. Mason in my opinion is our future starter full time after Ben retires. Our defense is looking better and better they will need to step it up big time for awhile.

    Christopher B.

    Speak English


    @Ellie Gonzales dobbs had 3 years of experience and devlin is a rookie. ofc dobbs wasn’t good but it was a smart move. no need to play the maybe card on who to keep. dobbs got traded and they picked duck back up. duck did better than dobbs in the preseason but the 3 years of experience trumped the need to teach someone when someone else has 3 years experience. im glad he’s back though… think about that.


colin kapernick needs to be a steeler asap,,,

    STEELERS Pittsburgh


    Roger White

    It’s cool to say it on social media but it wouldn’t make sense for the organisation. The Steelers just resigned Big Ben to another 2 years which he intends to complete, and we have Mason Rudolph, 24 years old, who’s showing a lot of promise. Colin is a fantastic quaterback and deserves a shot, but the steelers already have a plan for QB in Mason Rudolph, that’s why we gave up a first round pick for Mikah Fitzpatrick.

    Georgie Is MGTOW

    He’s blackballed from the NFL. I don’t know if you know what that means.

Brian Erney

Won 1 game loss 4 games will win I believe that too I see it face charges

Paul Kersey

Steelers lucky if season ends in 4-12 record.

    Andrew Grove

    Shut up

    Malik Cunningham

    Andrew Grove I know right I believe we at least going win 11 games browns of course rams Ravens bengals colts and hopefully the chargers

    Roger White

    Nah, their end of season schedule is pretty week…We lose to the chargers but we bounce back, 9-7 is my prediction

atown Ish

Colin time to get him, thats how you know he is banned from nfl

    Matt Blair

    hes better than our guys but we can’t pay him, our cap space is iffy. Also we don’t need that media attention, sorry kap.

Dorian Creagh

I knew whe we let dobbs go it was a mistake

    Ellie Gonzales

    @ Maurice King Yup.. too inconsistent. I hope he makes it with the Jags though maybe a new situation and new system will help him pick up his game.

    Maurice King

    Ellie Gonzales yeah

    Christopher B.

    Sorry , Dobbs wasn’t that good and prone to throw a interception or just run, and that’s not a good qb.

    p pinchera

    funny this has never even crossed my mind. Hodges is for real

    Georgie Is MGTOW

    Explain how Dobbs was better than Rudolph and Hodges ?

Liquid Tony

8-8 cam win this division


Start the duck. I dont feel like Mason needs to expose his health to that extent at this point.
The hit Mason took was no joke. Safety 1st.

    Matt Blair

    100%, Don’t risk aggravating that concussion. Let Mason take as long as he needs, game plan is basically the same with duck in there anyways.

    John J. Todora

    IPushHard 100%

Zach Pisciotta

Lol I hate the bell love it


The rest of the AFC isn’t that great either.

secret agent Zachary of San Jose Boston Partsch

No I think it’s 11-5 in the season

Roger White

Good, let the man rest, he’s deserved it and needs to fully heal. Sit Mason against the chargers and let him be better than ever after the bye week against the Dolphins

John J. Todora

Start Duck. I can’t lie. I’ve been wanting to see what he can do.
Something about that guy.

Christopher B.

Start duck dynasty. Don’t risk in in the first week of concussion protocol. Don’t turn his brain to mush.

p pinchera

9 and 7 rule the North ??? IT would RUNAWAY with the North !! 8 and 8 works, 7 and 9 we get into tie breakers

sons of liberty

I think we can take it at 10 wins. Did you look at our schedule. That’s 2 ls the rest of the way. The only team that could be a problem is the rams and that’s at home


Start the Duck. It’s our offense coordinator whose hampering these young QB. What else we have to lose, let him throw.

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