Agree to Disagree: Gimmicks, Running Game | Pittsburgh Steelers – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Agree to Disagree: Gimmicks, Running Game | Pittsburgh Steelers

Bob Labriola & Mike Prisuta agree to disagree on whether the Steelers should continue using gimmicks and if whichever team has the most rushing yards in the Steelers/Ravens game will win.

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Batgirl P

You don’t like gimmicks? Ask the eagles about their philly special. Pitt won with it!

Dewey Adams

Ravens are not the team they used to be,Cleveland beat them and so can Pittsburgh. They just have to play like they did against Cincinnati,with purpose.


Winning games is all that matters. Do what is needed until the offense can be a well oiled machine and be cohesive.

Itz Sombra

If you open up the passing game more the run will come. Teams are game planning for the run and short passing game which why it’s getting shutdown easily. If we opened it up more teams will then have to worry about our deep balls instead of just stacking the box to stop the run. If you saw last year the run game was unstoppable because we were also passing a ton so teams were game planning for AB, JuJu in the pass game which meant they were forgetting about JC

Frank Herrera

As long as big linemen are standing up first, instead of firing out on running plays, your running game will sputter, especially against GREAT front 7s. Pulling linemen have to destroy any opposing jersey in their way and recievers have to block downfield. Special teams need to get involved as well. The wildcat will not work against the Ravens because unlike the Bengals, THEY will be ready for it. If the linemen don’t play physical smash mouth football, prepare to lose. Defense has to be agressive, but controlled. Don’t give Jackson any open lanes and if you can’t reach him, jump to force high throws. Tomlin should know this, but does he?

Goofy Dog

whatever it takes

Taba Allday

I like the idea of implementing the wild cat. You can even disguise it… remember Tom Brady or even the philly special?

There was a couple of plays I saw where I thought, “wow, if they tweaked it, wild cat/speed option/pass.” 😛
Now that would’ve been fun to see! And, of course, timing is everything.

The key thing for me is to convert 3rd downs or at least put yourself in position where it’s manageable, AND… may I say, hang on to the ball?💁🏻‍♂️✌️

Randy Farley

You got to always be able to come up with different plays for different teams.

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