Advanced Strategies for Fantasy Football Players

Winning in the league championship requires knowledge and thorough understanding of the game. To win, you have to be determined to do a lot of hard work and preparation. Every fantasy football player should know these various drafting and management strategies.

Here are some tips and strategies that will help you win in fantasy football:

Player Evaluation

Before the drafts can begin, you need to find a way to compare the different players. A good player will ensure your ability to get the highest points in your upcoming fantasy football league. Of course, this can change according to the rules of your league. There are various ways one can evaluate players. Many fantasy football team owners use a Cheat Sheet; others might look up Yahoo’s Draft Analysis where average draft positions of players are posted.

Draft Wisely

One should always attempt to draft a flex player. A player in any number of positions can fill a flex position. The more fantasy football teams the league has, the more flex players they will use, and the less likely you will be to use your Running Back as the flex player.  It is advisable to plan ahead, and use your Wide Receiver as a flex player, since there aren’t as many Wide Recievers.

Draft consistent players to your team. There is a method you can use to know which players are consistent. Matt Waldam’s Consistency Score, or CRANK, looks at fantasy scores each week of every season. He seeks out players who score highest in fantasy points versus the popular ones.

Auction League over Traditional Draft

Luck will not always help you win in fantasy football. If you want a more strategic draft, you might considering picking an auction league. Of all the types of draft, it’s the one that doesn’t rely on mere luck. The auction format lets every team start with the same amount of imaginary dollars. Players will be nominated, and whoever bids highest will get the player. Everyone has the chance to get the first player. After bidding, each team’s budget is reduced by the amount of money they agree to pay for him.

Maximize Number of Players Drafted

Find leagues with small player pools following the draft. It’s best to either seek leagues with lots of teams, or leagues with lots of players on the roster.  The more players drafted, the smaller the open player pool is after the draft.  It’s best to play in leagues with the maximum roster size. The benefit of a smaller pool is that it prevents incompetent team owners from getting their strength back, or recovering, from a draft mistake. It’s very important that your drafting skills be better than everyone else’s.

‘No’ to Leagues that Allow Trades

Trades are ways for unskilled owners to compensate for their mistakes during the draft. Some owners draft only one Quarterback (QB) and if he is injured, they trade other players to get a new QB. Trades are not always fair. Sometimes owners give away too much to another. Owners at the receiving end of this get an advantage.  It is best to prohibit all trades in your league and remember to choose well for your team. A good fantasy football player will be competitive but fair at the same time.

No to Single Elimination

Find leagues with no single elimination playoff format. It is preferable to join leagues with a double elimination format, or 2-week playoff rounds. In these formats the team owners are given 2 weeks, and their combined score is used to determine the winner.

Pick Complex Leagues

The more complex a league is, the less luck plays a role in winning. You will be a better player if you do not depend on luck alone. Avoid Touchdown-only leagues. These leagues only score points for TD’s and do not score for yardage points.

The More Playoff Teams the Better Chance in Winning

One way to ensure your victory is to find the league in which you will have the highest opportunity to win. If you have to choose between leagues that have more or less playoffs, it is advisable to get into the league with the highest number. This gives you a higher chance to advance and win the Super Bowl. Look for fantasy football leagues with more playoffs and less total teams.

Choose Leagues where the Super Bowl is in Week 16

Leagues that play their Super Bowls in week 17 give you the worst luck factor of all.  During week 17, NFL teams usually bench their star players or restrict their playing in order to prevent injuries. It’s not advisable to play in fantasy football championship games where luck determines which of your players could actually play in that week.

You’ve come a long way! Now it’s time for some Fantasy Football Tips and Tricks

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