Advanced Fantasy Football Tips & Tricks

In any game, regardless if the players are professionals or rookies, it is necessary to have a strategy. Not having a strategy is a sure recipe for failure.

This is true even in the online gaming environment, such as with fantasy football. Football itself is a time-consuming game, but playing it in the world of fantasy takes even more time and effort. It’s not enough for a fantasy team manager have to know which players would best be drafted, they must also make sure that the tiniest details are checked.

Fantasy football started in New York, in 1963. The idea was initially thought of by Bill Winkenbach, a limited partner in the Oakland Raiders. Along with some fellow football enthusiasts, Winkenbach drafted the first roster of players, and the game was played in his home in Oakland California. Since then the game has spread the United States and now boasts millions of players, many of whom are women. Many fantasy football enthusiasts have dedicated a huge portion of their lives to analyzing games, drafting players, and improving their strategies. Sports networks and host websites have managed to earn millions of dollars thanks to the games, and the huge number of avid followers. Expert fantasy football strategists have earned a lot of money and accolade from their peers, as well.

Listed below are nine advanced tips that fantasy football enthusiasts may find useful:

Always do your research.
The internet is loaded with football statistics, from team rankings to the levels of performance for each player of the NFL. Even fan and critic expectations are listed in most websites, and how well the players were able to meet these.

Remember that a single free agent can sometimes be equivalent to ten draftees.
A free agent just might be your ticket to victory, so never snub them. Always check for available free agents that you can trade for your players. Some fantasy football team managers draft free agents even if they do not have much use for them yet, just to keep the agent out of their competitors reach.

Filing up your roster as soon as possible should not be the priority when drafting players.
It is more important to be the first to draft players who have already proven their worth, even if it means having to wait for the next best player to complete your fantasy football roster.

Take note of the match-ups in the playoffs. 
Experienced fantasy footballers understand that many star players are out on reserve during the first few weeks of the season, as long as the team is certain that they can make it to the playoffs without the star.

Keep your fantasy football strategy flexible. 
For instance, if you were not able to draft a kicker in the last season, but now, through consistent analysis, think that a certain kicker would give you a bigger chance of winning, then go ahead and draft him. The same is true for other positions. Never stick to the same roster year after year. Adapting your roster to meet your needs will help give you a winning advantage.

When drafting from a specific team, check the team’s average wins in the past season.
According to a study conducted by analysts on ESPN, on the average, a team who wins at least eight or ten games usually makes it to the playoffs. So remember, the magic number for success at fantasy football is eight.

Always draft a Running back. 
Online statistics have shown that running backs are often pivotal to their team’s success. A lot of the running backs included on the ESPN study scored at least eight points each game.

Take time to invest in other positions, such as wide receivers. 
There may only be three or four wide receivers with real talent in this year’s season, so make sure you are able to draft at least one of them.

Consider playing one game at a time.
If you don’t think you will be able to dedicate hundreds of hours in perusing scores, statistics, and game analysis on the internet, as well as watch every  weekly NFL, then it might be better to choose a fantasy football league that will allow you to play one game at a time. These are often referred to as Pick ‘em leagues.

Even if you are new to the world of fantasy football, the tips listed above should be easy to understand and recall. Remember, even if you have already invested a lot of time, effort, and money in the process of obtaining the biggest chance of victory in fantasy footballdon’t forget to have fun. Fun is why fantasy football was created, so fun you must always have!

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