Adrian Peterson Leads The Running Back Room | The O’s Presented By Fedex – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Joe Onemanteam Reply

AP will bring it

Samuel Hatley Reply

They had our running backs last? What a joke.

    SirDilly Reply

    I totally agree…. I think they are judging your o-line instead which is unfortunate. The talent is most definitely there. The whole fantasy narratives has changed people’s perspectives on who is a great running back. You can have an elite running back in a bad offense and they will look like they lost their mojo.(example: Bell from NYJ)

    Mr. ParkPlace757 VA Reply

    Our line is TRASH!!!

Patrick Henry Reply

Media talking heads never predict anything close to the outcome. They are an extension of the corrupt, fake, phony and false fearmongers, purveyors of nonsense.

michael pet Reply

Cynthia can kick rocks! We were 23rd last year and even if you take out Guice’s 247 yards, that still would have placed us ahead of the Jets and the Dolphins. We have far more depth at the position this year than last plus we have more guys that can skew the numbers by breaking long runs. This chick is obviously clueless.

michael pet Reply

That cough though! These two are 2 feet apart with no mask. Who knows who they were around last night. I’m just saying.

    boss4775 Reply

    The have a glass window between them . Don’t know if that matter

    michael pet Reply

    @boss4775 I see a seam between them but Julie’s hand keeps crossing it which tells me there’s no glass between them.

Rashad Grier Reply

Man I love ap but he doesn’t need to be our lead back y’all fools just fall for the propaganda. Look even if Guice was there Bryce love is the guy if healthy anyway 4-12 and Trevor Lawrence is the future.

    Mr. ParkPlace757 VA Reply

    Bruh…we won 3 games last year with Jay Gruden as the coach. Lol. Atleast 7 wins.

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