Adrian Amos on going back to San Francisco: ‘It’s a different game, different moment’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
parker kriese

go pack go

Jesse Grajeda


Goat Gaming

Let’s goooooo

Kiasia Johnson

Smash 🐐

Phillip H.

give hola ngtoa a call to help the dline for 2 game contract

Phillip H.

king and savage dhould switch positions for this game so king is matched with The Te hes bigger and better matched

    Justin Paxton

    Hopefully Greene plays this game. He can match up with kittle



Ana R.

Packers can pull this off,just can’t make any mistakes with the niners. No turnovers or penalties…go pack go

    James Allen

    And protect Rodgers. …and Rodgers will need to move around. ..and our defense will have to give different looks.


    Even if they don’t turn it over or commit penalties the 49ers can still win

    Ana R.

    @James Allen exactly definitely that.

    Ana R.

    @EternalCreator we will see may the best team win 👍👌

Matt Nicholson

Wish we had one more clutch WR or TE. That’s all we missing and I’d feel way better

    Jed Mount

    Lazard has to make a couple plays on Sunday I agree. It cannot just be Davante and Graham. Allison and Lazard need to be playing like there’s no tomorrow every single play. Sternberger somebody anybody besides Jones or Davante please make a play. Only way we win. Is if we give them something else to think about.

Jed Mount

I’m looking forward to this game so much. It’s gnna be brutal out there. The niners will bring it but unlike last time I think the packers will have a much better plan and bring it too. Rodgers know this pressure type game like the back of his hand and is always cool and calm. I think the Pack cant get this one. I really do

    Killer Champion

    Can or can’t cuz I feel like greenbay got this

    Kevin Gonzalez

    i hope we are 100% ready, cuz the 49ers will bring it & we need to fight back this time😈


    I agree, the Packers can’t get this one.

Isidro Medina

Packers got to play different agresive fast and physical to win I think my packers now know how to beat the niners and will win next Sunday packers best team of the world baby


    Lol how do the Packers know how to beat the 49ers, all they know how to do is lose to them…

    Silent Pistol

    @EternalCreator game footage recap


Well we all know a Seahawks fan disliked this video 😂😂

    F T W

    They are the worst fan base in the NFL

    James Allen

    Or San Francisco

    no one

    @F T W No Chicago Bears


Packers O line vs SF D line with everyone healthy..
49ers are in the Packers head lol.

    ZachSmacked22 Prodigy Takeover

    We ready to cut the head off a lion


    @ZachSmacked22 Prodigy Takeover These aren’t the Lions lol.
    Game Time in Santa Clara….
    Go 49ers..


    Head? Lol no


    @ZachSmacked22 Prodigy Takeover too bad that’s completely irrelevant to playing great football.

James Vincent Williams

Thank you Adrian!

James Allen



On offense, quick throws. Get Jones involved. If we can win ball possession time I think we can win. If we don’t turn it over as well and force a turnover or 2 we will forsure win. Let’s GoPack!!!!!!


He definitely does not look forward to playing the 49ers. Understandable, the Packers may be a better team than they were in week 12 but so are the 49ers…

Djordje Petrovic

Aaron will be as sharp as ever. I hope defence can produce some turnover, we will definitely need them.

James Barlow

He sounds scared.

cruzboy 27

No matter what happens next week I love my Pack Go Pack Go baby 🧀🧀🧀

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