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Adam Vinatieri’s 45-Yd FG Hits the Upright & It’s Good!

Adam Vinatieri gets some help from the upright and makes the 45-yard field goal. The Atlanta Falcons take on the Indianapolis Colts during Week 3 of the 2019 NFL season.

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TheUltimate7277 Reply

Wow!! Adam still got it

Memestiff Reply

Vinny the 🐐

thedarkemissary Reply

It wasn’t pretty. But, he got it in there. Barely…

    thedarkemissary Reply

    That’s what she said.

Cones Reply

Announcer says 43 yards, Video title says 45 yards, screen says 49 yards.

    Elektra Sparks Reply


    Philly Prince Reply

    So a 137 yarder? Greatness

    Thomas Cusack Reply

    The announcer said 49. Also, that was from like the 31 yd line so it’s definitely 49 yds and not 45 yds like the video title says.

    Robby S Reply

    Does it destroy your lives, not having the EXACT YARDAGE?

    perfect stranger Reply

    @Robby S 49 was his age ?

    is there a “CAN’T MISS” video for um what was that ©BEARS ‘s kicker last year name ?

Christopher Colasurdo Reply

That was awesome to see the fans stand and get behind him. Too bad they couldn’t do that for Andrew Luck…..

    Victor Oladipo #indyismycity Reply

    Christopher Colasurdo completely different situation idiot

    Christopher Colasurdo Reply

    Victor Oladipo #indyismycity It really isn’t. The fans were scummy to Andrew Luck a guy who gave them everything. Vinatieri did the same and I’m glad the fans didn’t make the mistake twice.

    Victor Oladipo #indyismycity Reply

    Christopher Colasurdo it’s completely different

thekiddsean330 Reply

Adam need to retire after this year don’t have it no more

    rick mann Reply

    Go back to South Dakota

    Victor Oladipo #indyismycity Reply

    thekiddsean330 5/5 Is bad than I’ll take bad every week

Elektra Sparks Reply

Packers 10-7!!!!

Armando Larsen Reply

Assistir Atlanta Falcons vs Indianapolis Colts En Vivo

Yeng Vang Reply


    Latrell Finkton Reply

    Put ya mf head back down.

mike brown Reply

I wouldn’t let him kick another game,omg every week bro

qazwsxedc rfvtgbyhnujmikolp Reply

Falcons defense: is healthy

Matt Ryan:Ight imma head out

    KreativeCuts Reply

    lol its funny but pretty true. Are you from Atlanta?

    qazwsxedc rfvtgbyhnujmikolp Reply

    @KreativeCuts no im a vikings fan but im just wondering how Ryan can go from an mvp like season last year to this his first 3 games with a healthy defense

    Lucifer Reply

    Well … This didn’t age so Well (Keanu Neal season-ending injury)

Toni Yo Mama Reply

Matt Ryan gone owe me some fuccin money

Book of shadows contributor Brian Reply


Daytimerocker Reply

He needs to hang up the cleats

    Ethan Byanski Reply

    You suck at like dude if you for real just said that.🖕🏼

hagamapama Reply

Great gesture from the fans

Danny Smithson Reply

Hell yeah vinny, give em hell

Hector Rodriguez Reply

Adam Vinatieri must retire

    That Guy Reply

    Hector Rodriguez one time in madden franchise Adam was 56 and still did not retire

    Deon Nelson Reply

    Not yet

Douglas Cobb Reply


cts4mee Reply

This kick probably saved his year

hagamapama Reply

Most fans get laughed at for referring to their team as “we.” I think these guys earned the right

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