Adam Vinatieri On Making Improvements – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Brandon Cetta Reply

How to ask the same question 52 times

    Brendon Keen Reply

    Brandon Cetta fr

    Cole Bartek Reply


Mina Hokage Reply

I hate this is even a story! Lets go Adam lets turn it around!

James Ross Reply

He’ll be alright not worried about him

    Noah Smith Reply

    James Ross either you’re lying or delusional. you can still have hope for someone and support them but to say you’re not worried about adam is silly. his past 3 games he’s played in have look extremely shaky. he cost the colts a game vs the chargers and could’ve easily cost us last weeks against the titans.

    James Ross Reply

    @Noah Smith I’m neither one thanks for your concern with your knee jerk reactions find something to do fairweather fuckboy


Adams got this, he’ll get his head right and be back as good as ever.

Funn Time Reply

I believe in you!!!! You got this he will get back on track, he is my favorite kicker of all time

Micheal Stillabower Reply

besides to work on your technique, why would a place kicker watch film?

Nomadic Brian Reply

I hope Adam gets it together and ends the concerns for this season. If this is the last season so be it. Dignity.

Joaquin Fernandez Reply

Makes your kick bro that’s what you are paid to do. You’ve had a great career, let’s hope the Colts don’t have to retire you.

Bryan P Reply

When was the last time a kicker got interviewed?

    Brendon Keen Reply

    Bryan P when Blair Walsh missed a chip shot field goal in the playoffs

    ColtsFan 1991 Reply

    Bryan P whens the last time you got interviewed?

Freddy Bautista Reply

We got faith in you Adam. #goatkicker

Freddy Bautista Reply

Indiana lets make some noise this week against the Falcons.Adam back at home he got this even the great make mistakes. We believe in this team. #Gocolts

Riley Reneau Reply

No matter what happens. Adam Vinatieri you mean a lot not just to Colts fans, but Pat fans haha. You are maybe the only thing Pat and Colts fans agree on. at least until Pat fans admit Manning is the greatest of all time! haha #GoColts

    ColtsFan 1991 Reply

    Riley Reneau the Pats wouldn’t have won those couple of Super Bowls, like 2-3 if it wasn’t for this guy!

1lkydad 75 Reply

Come on AV we need ya man.

Dan Pfaffenberger Reply

It’s really simple. He needs to grow the beard back.

    Harpoon_Bakery Reply

    he got older and he was all gray end of last year , over summer, and start of training camp, now he’s dyed 4/5 of his hair and left the gray on the sideburns only. He needs to go all gray again, his natural color.

    Dan Pfaffenberger Reply

    @Harpoon_Bakery #bringbackthebeard

Xavier Leslie Reply

He charged that reporter up , bounce back Vinny we love you bro ! Don’t let us down again we all make mistakes but c’mon ole reliable .

Conspiracy Theory Reply

It might sound stupid but meditating and clearing your mind can go along way Vinny will be fine he won’t miss anything this week.

    Brendon Keen Reply

    Conspiracy Theory plus he wasn’t playing in the dome and it was windy in LA and Tennessee

Daniel Schmude Reply

Good fans are hoping he will pull out of his slump, and if he doesn’t, they will be sad, but they will not boo him. Unfortunately, there are some not so good fans, who will boo him if his slump continues.

Zachary Bell Reply

Just know that if you miss every kick for the rest of the season you will be no less of a legend.

Bbeecckk Reply

People need to relax. Adam is still the goat and we are still the damn colts. We are tough mfn football team, everyone just has to believe 🙏🙏

    Harpoon_Bakery Reply

    he’s trending down the last 3 years, the writing is on the wall and if he has the Yips, then it’s all over and he’ll be at the poduim Sunday calling it quits.

HeMansBrother Reply

It’s more than one lousy game tho. Let’s Go Adam!! Get it

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