Adam Stenavich on bouncing back offensively: ‘We just have to right the ship and get going’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Sounds like Yosh is going to RT and Elgton back to LG. That means Runyan will move to RG and Royce Newman to the bench.
From the jump in April I felt the best 5 OL that would be the most successful would be:
Bakh- LT
Elgton- LG
Myers- C
Runyan- RG
Yosh- RT
I sure hope I see that Sunday. I think that can be the best OL in the NFL. It’s time to get this offense going and that would be a big step to making that happen.

    Herbert Duke

    @Rock and Rolf yh I low-key think that as well, the team I’ve been the most impressed with is the Bills, they have quality on defense and offense. I’m hoping we can beat one of the Bills/Eagles. We need to play tight man defense not drop off, the O-line needs to be block properly and Rodgers needs to build chemistry with his guys on offense. Do this and we have a chance. RUN more and DON’T drop passes!!!

    Rock and Rolf

    @Herbert Duke errr yea the dropped passes how can I forget that too 😒😥😣,I agree too on the bills they have impressed me too.

    joe r

    Just find a way to beat Washington. The Bills will be a loss that will leave the Packers 4-4. Win 6 of the last 9 and the Packers will make the playoffs. Adversity will make them better for the playoffs more than home field

    Bobbie Grace

    @Rock and Rolf 💯💯💯 AGREED


    Which tackle is the road grading run blocker? Traditionally it’s the right tackle but yosh is one of the worst run blocking tackles in the league. Dave has been above average but not dominant to run behind like most LTs which is why yosh doesn’t at surface level have the play style suited for RT. Sounded to me like they want to move less people around which leads me to think they are making a change at RG only this week. Before they blow up the line they need to try someone else at RG first.

cee dub

Sick of hearing “Right the ship.”

    O J Paige

    Action 🎬 speaks louder than words 👏

    Bobbie Grace

    @O J Paige 💯💯💯


Making changes that should have happened 2 or more games ago. Cautious, “safe” leadership =failure.

Ryan Guzman

You need to open it up coach. It’s either sideline back shoulder throws, jet sweeps or dive runs. We’ve all figured you out. Use the middle of the field with our 50mil QB.

    Ryan Jaeger

    But Rodgers won’t make the throws… that’s the problem. #12 is a main issue…. just like big games… he won’t play in a system… just bombs


    Watch the all 22 and you’ll see we may have the worst receivers in the league at intermediate routes. The route mistakes are unnerving, way too often 2 or more guys end up too close to each other and clearly are not running the routes at correct depths. Couple that with the line not blocking well enough for plays to develop and this is what the offense looks like.

Jon Bursek

I’m as underwhelmed as when I listened to Barry, and can barely stay awake, let alone find something intelligent that’s been said. “When you play 17 games, rarely are you going to play all 17 at you’re best, sometimes things are going to go bad…. That’s what happened LAST WEEK😱! Hey guess what, you have to pull yourself up by the bootstraps😩😴😴😴!!
Find a new OC and DC, been watching GB since Vince came to town and bad coaching has been a mainstay in GB ever since, with few exceptions

Corey C.

Sounds like Royce is done. It’s about time.


Fester off Adams family should’ve stayed OL coach 😑

Craig Rickaway

Right guard is a disaster. Get Yosh in at Right Tackle and put Jenkins back at Right Guard. Right guard has been getting embarrassed the last two weeks if not three

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