Adam Gotsis, Royce Freeman, Joe Flacco & more put on a show at the Broncos’ stadium practice – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Michael The Original Dizzy-D Lavimodiere Lavim Reply


DJ Johnson Reply

Adam Gostis with a pick six? Wow DE dropping into coverage I hope that wasn’t thrown by Flacco or Lock lol.

    Silent Gaming Reply

    DJ Johnson lock had a great practice aside from that

    Ben Reply

    I’m hearing Lock is literally getting better everyday

    Silent Gaming Reply

    Ben he is for sure. He is taking GREAT strides. His first and second practices were pretty rough, but he did fantastic today. So did flacco


    @Silent Gaming is Flacco looking better than Keenum??

    Silent Gaming Reply

    CACCESE MOTORS most definitely. He looks confident, scrambling more than i expected, proving he isnt a statue. Hasnt made many mistakes, and has been consistently accurate

Bhuvan Satya Yerramsetty Reply

That first pass was an absolute laser. Drew Lokck really out here balling.

Dillon Pauls Reply

Literally felt like I watched 3 or 4 highlight clips lol

German Reyes Reply

The pick against the Steelers was beyter

Zac Couch Vlogs Reply

We got real talent at the WR position

payday64 Reply

I wish they would practice on the stadium for now on. I can actually see the play formation better.

    Weaboo Edgelord IV Reply

    You mean just the play in general? Because I don’t think you can tell the formation from this.

    payday64 Reply

    @Weaboo Edgelord IV The play from Flacco to Royce was a quick slant. I would’ve never known if the camera didn’t just focus on the ball being thrown but since the camera is a ta higher level then it’s easier to see.

Tanner Aitken Reply

I was there! So much fun

you're wack af 2 Reply

Damm Freeman really beat harris..damm

    Rolo Tomasi Reply

    you’re wack af 2 I really like that Freeman. A nice late round target in fantasy drafts.

Juls c Reply

Do this in a real game and I’ll be impressed!!!! Any way I do believe we will have a top 3 defensive this number 1 to be exact

Raymond White, Jr Reply

No wonder we got rid of that punter.. #GotsisAtBackupPunter

    David Gasper Reply

    He did play Australian Rules Football.

Danny Jones Reply

One thing about our defense we get an interception highlight every practice!!!

dustin M.W Reply

There’s gotta be more than 56 seconds yall? C’mon

Trick Lessons Podcast Reply

More highlights from this practice….

Matt Rodriguez Reply

WolfeMan needs a new deal! So underrated!!! 95 eats the run and the double teams! Him and Von are pea’s and carrots!

    gLaZ FRESH Reply

    Matt Rodriguez injuries are Wolfe’s problem

    akinwande0209 Reply

    Matt Rodriguez we should have kept Malik Jackson he is better than Wolfe

ian isaac Reply


Wolfsky9 Reply

I really———REALLY——–want Vic & the staff, to succeed . If anyone can make us better—-& contenders, I believe he can. ————-And, I want BOTH # 5 ——& # 3 TO SUCCEED. ———————–WolfSky9, 72 y/o

    Wolfsky9 Reply

    PS : And, I’m so thankful we don’t have any hold-out issues. yes, a few guys are banged-up, but so far, no one too seriously. and, with todd Davis out now, it’s a perfect time to see just who is a contender at ILB —–wOLFsKY9

Wolfsky9 Reply

This team MUST get through a season with at least one —-or 2 healthy TE’s ! ———They are key to a successful “O” season. ——————–Gotta stay healthy———gotta !! ——————————–WolfSky9

glenard coleman Reply

I was out there. It was great.

Lewe Wagner Reply

Am i the first german fan on this channel?!?!#denverbroncos

    Slightly Above Average Reply

    My ancestors are German. Does that count?

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