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Kawhi Leonard I

Adam secretly enjoys these press conferences ๐Ÿ™‚

    Booker Uzzell

    I kinda believe you!

The Home Team NYC

Killer #PokerFace by Gase. Left shoulder is SLIGHTLY raised to start. Balanced both mostly throughout. Waiting for the question to get that right shoulder raise above the 45 degree angle! #JetUp #TakeFlight

    clash man

    Lmfao. I thought i was the only one to notice this & was looking for this during the press conference.๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘

Patrick Cardoso

GL GASE. Dont even worry about anything but shutting down the bills offense, and just putting up as many points as you can this week. 30 plus. Let’s go.

Sitting Bull

Visor of his cap covering those mad dog eyes ๐Ÿคฃ

All Media Access News

Sam will do great opening day


    i don’t doubt sam, but i also don’t doubt the bills #1 passing defense. this is gonna be a tough, tough game

    Simeon Jackson

    The jets can also run the football tho they donโ€™t have to go though the air all the time but. You canโ€™t not cover everyone we have so good playmakers this year it should be a good game close tho


    @Simeon Jackson bills already had great defense, then they beef up their o-line. right now their “d” is better than the jets. however, jets have more offensive playmakers. it wouldn’t surprise me if it was low scoring, but if it isn’t, i like for a 27 – 24 jets W on last minute field goal

Bill Porricelli

Unleash the beast!!!!!

John Lane

I been watching all this press confrences Jets drives….etc. I’m rare fan from LAUGHLIN NV! Seriously tri state area there’s like 5 JETS fans.

    Mike Bishop

    No there are more of us stuck here. Las Vegas NV, Long Island born die hard Jets Fan since 1970… There are 3 sports bars between Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and Henderson. There are more out here then you know my friend. Go Jets!

    John Lane

    @Mike Bishop I’m from much smaller area tho. Good to hear I’m actually planning on moving to Henderson around Christmas.

clash man

Going to be a tough fought game on both sides of the ball for both teams. What 1 team has the edge in 1 area, the other has the edge in another area, which makes for this, to be 1 hell of an Home Opener! Nothing will be as LOUD as MetLife when THE J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS Chants come out after we score our 1st of many touchdowns! Watch for the nonexistent roof to come off!๐Ÿ˜‚

clash man

Hey, One Jets Drive, Do y’all think you could do a sit down chat with Hines Ward & Shawn Jefferson one day soon please? Just would love to hear their perspective on our young Wideouts, about Our young Franchise QB Sam Darnold & what their seeing. Did they watch any film on Sam from a far? Did they have an opinion on him from a far, & maybe something that impressed them about Sam, that they didn’t know beforehand? The same with the young wide outs & things that maybe shocked them about them too? Thanks Very Much in The Future, & Keep up The Great Work!
โœˆTake Flight, LET’S GO JETS!โœˆ

Anthony Amaturo

Needs that beard back again !!!

Anthony Amaturo

Hey, where’s the Gase POWER STANCE !????

Sean Frank

“Last week wasn’t so electric.” Lmao


Bills fan here !! Going to be a fan of both teams for yrs to come because our QBs. Division games always tough. When we play ea other hope Bills win other than that, I’m all in on both teams please 1 of us knock pats off their perch

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